Allen Instruments & Supplies Empowers Sales Team with Salesforce – Sage 100 Integration

Allen Instruments & Supplies Empowers Sales Team with Salesforce – Sage 100 Integration
The Situation: Inefficient Sales Processes

Prior to implementing and integrating Salesforce, the sales team at Allen were constantly having to open multiple applications and contact back office staff for information such as invoices, order history, account information, etc. Furthermore, accurate product pricing and inventory was not accessible. These delays were causing a considerable productivity issue and putting limitations on providing good customer service. Order creation was also time consuming and required several resources. “We had 3 or 4 or 5 people involved in trying to get a sales order created,” said Dave Pritchett, IT Systems Manager.

The Solution: Centralize Data in Salesforce and Automate Sales Order Creation

To solve their productivity issues Allen selected an integration solution from eBridge Connections because it offered the most flexibility. “eBridge asked me what we needed, and then provided the solution,” said Pritchett.

The eBridge Connections Professional Services team first configured its adapter for Allen’s Sage 100 application and connected it with their Salesforce application via a pre-built connector. The solution was configured to automatically retrieve opportunities from Salesforce and post them into Sage 100 as sales orders. Next, eBridge proceeded to import all of Allen’s existing accounts from Sage 100 into Salesforce and set up an integration touch point to automate account updates. The 3rd step was to integrate product information, including pricing and inventory between Sage 100 and Salesforce. The eBridge team configured a product touch point and customized it so that inventory was being updated Salesforce with unique counts from the 2 warehouses employed by Allen. Lastly, eBridge implemented an invoices touch point that automated the exchange of invoices from Sage 100 into a custom object within Salesforce. This included the initial import of the past 3 years of invoice history.

The Results

With the integration solution in place Allen was able to remove inefficiencies from the sales process and have the team focus more on selling. First, automating the creation of sales orders in Sage 100 from closed won opportunities in Salesforce has resulted in a massive time savings because it was previously done manually. “I now have one person that is responsible for hitting one button and the sales order is created,” said Pritchett. Secondly, by centralizing data in Salesforce, the sales team is now able to access all of the data they need for customer service – eg. customer terms, order history, invoices, past communications – in one convenient location.

“The integration solution from eBridge Connections has provided 6-8 hours per week of additional sales time to our sales team then they had before,” said Pritchett. “We were printing paper, the paper was moving around from this person to that person. Now it’s all on one screen instead of 4 different applications.”

Integration Touch Points
  • Opportunities from Salesforce into Sage 100 as Sales Orders
  • Accounts from Sage 100 into Salesforce
  • Products from Sage 100 into Salesforce
  • Invoices from Sage 100 into Salesforce as a Custom Object
What would you say to other businesses considering eBridge Connections?

“From the initial meeting to the end of the project, it was nothing short of a professional experience,” said Pritchett. “During both the sales process and implementation, eBridge understood exactly what we wanted. Their approach was very proactive, never reactive.”

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Allen Instruments & Supplies is a leading supplier of innovative measurement products and positioning solutions in the fields of surveying, engineering, mining, construction, fleet management and GIS to business, government, education and the private sector. The company has been built on personal integrity, knowledge and strong manufacturing and distribution relationships. Allen Instruments provides customers with experienced sales professionals, reliable and leading edge products and technologies from the most reputable manufacturers and a complete portfolio of value added services.

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