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Here is a little poem I wrote:

Business was once, people all in a row.
Filling out purchase orders, reconciling invoices; setting schedules before they could go.
They would sit at their desks and worries would grow
About payments and inventory and orders to go.
Papers would shuffle, confusion would reign
Opportunities missed could stop the train!

But along came EDI - not out of the blue,
And the people were freed from what they did do.
Now with the click of a mouse, nary a push of the pen,
Business moves along with a speed times ten.
Orders are received and posted with haste.
Invoices sent with not a second to waste.

Wily inventory and unruly schedules toe the line;
For a well structured ASN can make life so fine.
Remittance and payments no longer cause worry
They are sent, processed, received in a flurry!

Times have changed, they have become integrated,
Our software can help you with what has been fated.
Speed up your business, make efficiency your goal.
See your profits increase on the whole.

From what I can see EDI saves the day,
And lets business move along, that’s all I can say.


Killian Nargolwalla

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