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Support Services – Webstore Configuration Maintenance

In today’s vibrant and competitive e-commerce market, ensuring optimum Webstore production is nearer and nearer the top of many companies’ “must have” lists. Offering stable online exchange platforms for B2B and B2C transactions is no longer an exotic luxury reserved for the Silicon Valley elite, but an absolute requirement in developing new markets and maintaining trading relationships which are driven more and more by the comfort and speed of Internet commerce.

To preserve and enhance the competitive advantage gained by providing secure online options to your customers, ensuring stable back-office integration of your Webstore is essential if growth is to be achieved. This is where eBridge Support Services enters the picture.

This week we would like to highlight some of the more common issues related to Webstore configuration maintenance which need to be proactively and collaboratively tackled to ensure the highest return on business efficiencies of Webstore integration which lead to customer satisfaction and growth.

One of the more prevalent (and to some, obvious) issues that can interrupt your Webstore integration configuration is misaligned access credentials. The need to maintain synchronicity between periodically changing Webstore credentials and your ePortal account is vital to ensure seamless integration – and the bragging rights that go along with it!  Accordingly, make sure you remember to update your ePortal account settings each time your Webstore requires a password change. This will prevent delayed orders and ensure accuracy in web-facing inventory metrics.

Other issues which can compromise your Webstore connection include server changes or maintenance, and hosting changes or maintenance. These types of environmental changes require active communication between all parties to ensure limited interruption. If you are undergoing scheduled maintenance of any kind which may interrupt your connection, make sure to temporarily de-activate your connection, or contact Support Services and we can do this for you. This will prevent unnecessary errors (which can be disconcerting), as well as prevent radical changes in inventory or other product statuses which can be disorienting for customers.

For anybody interested in the broader strategic leverage offered by Webstore integration solutions, please follow this link to a dynamic video presentation discussing the competitive touch-points: http://www.ebridgeconnections.com/videos/magento-ebridge-game-changing-ways-to-leverage-inventory-management.html?q=magento

We look forward to continuing our discussion next week!


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