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SDQ Made Easy!

October 21st, 2008

A lot of the time when a corporation, like Bed Bath and Beyond for instance, has multiple store locations they will choose to order products from you in the form of an SDQ purchase order. For those who don’t know what an SDQ purchase order is, it is a “Store Destination Quantity” order. These orders are kind of like one giant order with mini-orders or sub-orders contained within them.

To get a little more technical, each PO line is followed by an SDQ line that can contain up to 10 different shipping locations. When an order is processed through your map, these SDQ lines are what sorts the products according to which location they are to be shipped to. This means that each Sales Order created in your accounting software will contain all of the products meant for each location, instead of one Sales Orders for each different product.

A common problem we here in the help desk face is explaining how these orders work and what to do if they fail. If an order is not successfully brought into your accounting software on the first attempt, you may need to reprocess from our ePortal. To do this, you MUST open the order up by clicking on the document number so that you can see each individual order in list form in a new window. In that window, check off the individual orders, or check “reprocess all” (which is a new function that is massive time saver!), and then click reprocess to make them available for download. The final step is to complete your normal inbound run to bring everything into your accounting software. It’s that easy. 


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