Colin Brown

Past CEO

Time at eBridge Connections: 27 Years
Favourite part about the industry: Helping businesses across all verticals by solving their integration challenges and enabling them to grow
Favourite part about your role: Leading the integration marketplace with best in class solutions for eCommerce, EDI, and CRM
eBridge highlight: Building the first and only universal integration platform for SME accounting and ERP applications

Alex Stewart


Time at eBridge Connections: 10+ Years
Favourite part about the industry: The constantly changing landscape of technology solutions.
Favourite part about your role: It's always interesting! Each integration project teaches us about how we can continue to improve our solutions and our delivery model.
eBridge highlight: Launching the current versions of eBridge On The Cloud and ePortal.

Shelley Connors-Schulte

VP Finance

Time at eBridge Connections: Since 2019

Mark Thomas

Director of Customer Success

Time at eBridge Connections: 6 years
Favourite part about the industry: I love learning new technologies and nothing stands still in this space. Client requirements and technologies are continually evolving everyday.
Favourite part about your role: Meeting and building relationships with clients from around the world.
eBridge highlight: Definitely the Christmas/holiday parties.

Ian Johnston

Manager of Professional Services

Time at eBridge Connections: 15 years
Favourite part about the industry: Learning about new technology products and solutions.
Favourite part about your role: Working with clients in such a wide variety of industries/verticals.

Dave Malda

Manager of Sales (New Business)

Time at eBridge Connections: 10 years!
Favourite part about the industry: Watching eCommerce grow over the last 5 years has been incredible.  Being on that wave has been an exciting journey.  Love the industry, not too stuffy – plenty of laughs and good fun!
Favourite part about your role: Working with our different teams at eBridge to solve client needs – then watching how a once cumbersome manual process of data duplication is automated to improve the customer experience from purchase through to delivery. 
eBridge highlight: Securing and launching our first eCommerce integration customer with our Magento connector.

Lisa Goritschnig

IT Manager

Time at eBridge Connections: Since 2015 

Wojciech Gutkowski

Special Projects Manager

Time at eBridge Connections: 23 years less a 2 year break sailing in the Caribbean
Favourite part about the industry: Having the opportunity and exposure to different aspects of software: IT, ERP, telecoms, web etc.
Favourite part about your role: Solving technical problems for our customers, like solving a puzzle!
eBridge highlight: Playing a key role in eBridge's development during the dramatic ‘.com’ era when the company grew 80%/year.

Lindsay Hampson

VP Marketing

Time at eBridge: Since 2016
Favourite part about the industry: Hands down, I love learning about our customer's products. From pasta to self-service tax software to boxing gloves. It is inspiring.
Favourite part about your role: Testing new ideas. Examining the results. And, then going on from there. 
eBridge highlight: eBridge DIY and the "wigs for pigs" campaign.

Mark Gladwish

Manager of Product Development

Time at eBridge Connections: 15 Years
Favourite part about the industry: My Favourite part about our industry is the constant evolution.  You always have to be looking for the next thing and how it can work for you.
Favourite part about your role: The thing I find most satisfying about my job is launching new features in our Product Set based on feedback from our customers.
eBridge highlight: I love that I have had the opportunity to work with companies ranging in size. Having said that my biggest highlight here at eBridge is being the application owner of ePortal.