Why MS Dynamics GP and eBridge Connections make a good pair...

Why MS Dynamics GP and eBridge Connections make a good pair...

Monday, April 3, 2017Lauren Macdonald We love Microsoft Dynamics GP over here at eBridge Connections. In fact, you might even say we go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Here’s why…

MS Dynamics GP is flexible, configurable, and designed to grow with your business. It’s the perfect ERP solution for businesses looking to get started with something easy that meets their needs now, but will adapt with them as their needs change in the future.

eBridge’s universal integration solution does the same thing. Start off small by connecting MS Dynamics GP with your eCommerce store, so that orders and inventory will be automated between the two. Then, as your business grows and your needs change, add or remove connectors as you see fit. Want to sell in more online marketplaces, or add your products to the shelves of big-box retailers? No problem. Just give us a call and we’ll ‘plug-in’ the extra connectors you need. Want to add touchpoints such as shipping/tracking information or customer data to your integration solution? We can do that, too.
What else do we love about MS Dynamics GP?

MS Dynamics GP also allows you to make easier, data-driven decisions about your business. With common business reports that are ready to use, and smart analytical tools built-in for you to make use of, you can ensure your business decisions are based off the data your business is collecting all the time.

It also enables you to manage your cash, assets, budgets, and banking with account-level security, will track and manage your production, inventory, orders, returns, and vendors, and will manage your sales, service contracts, and field resources. You can also use it to hire, train, and pay your team with the help of complete employee profiles and evaluation tools.
How we’re helping MS Dynamics GP customers succeed:

We want to see MS Dynamics GP users grow and expand their businesses. To help out,  we’ve developed a pre-built and fully managed solution that connects MS Dynamics GP to eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, CRM applications, and hundreds of EDI trading partners.

Here’s some of the most common touchpoints we integrate for MS Dynamics GP users:
Easy Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration with eCommerce and EDI

We make integrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP with your eCommerce and EDI easy. 


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