Productivity Hacks, Optimize Your Day and Your Time

Productivity Hacks, Optimize Your Day and Your Time

Thursday, April 13, 2017Lindsay Hampson
Where we’ve been
A digital camera used to dangle from my wrist anytime I went out with family and friends.  And then, a smart group of people put that digital camera inside my mobile phone.  I felt freer. 

The last decade has been a pleasure.  It really has.  Technology has improved human activities and relationships.  Friends across oceans seem like friends across cities. 

Retail has grown up a lot too.  Its change can be attributed to the goal of simplifying people’s lives. 
  • Diapers can be on your doorstep without loading young kids into the car 
  • The shelves at Costco have the products you need for the weekend’s renovation
Our needs and wants are satisfied quickly and easily. 
What we’re becoming
But, there’s a catch. 

Our mobile devices are so good they are consuming our attention.  The average consumer checks their mobile device every 15 minutes. 

Anderson Cooper interviewed former Google employee, Tristan Harris, about the ways in which people are hooked on their phones.  Tristan's new venture, called Time Well Spent, focuses on ways technology is ‘hacking your attention,’ and provides ideas and apps that give you more ‘off-phone’ time. 
What we can do
In this blog, I don’t want to dwell on the ways in which technology can be negative.    

Instead, I just want to list a few very exciting apps that have been created to make your life simpler.  
  • AdBlock – reclaim 30-40% of your time on the internet
  • Calendly – save time scheduling meetings
  • Headspace – add 10 minutes of calm to your day, everyday
  • Hinge – spend 80% less time swiping on dating apps
  • Meetup – connect with millions of people, in-person
  • DIY – learn new skills and DIY projects
  • DuoLingo – learn a language in 34 hours of use
  • F.Lux – reclaim 15 minutes of sleep per night
  • Asana – help teams become 45% more efficient
  • Moment – reduce daily screen time on phones by 30 minutes each day
The key is in the design of these apps.  They focus on protecting your focus, being conscious of your time and operate on human values.     

I have started using Headspace and Calendly myself.
We hope these productivity hacks help

Your time is valuable.  

Our customers are busy selling B2B and B2C.  They don’t want to spend their days and nights in the weeds entering order data into their accounting application.  They look to our integration platform to free up their time. 

One of our customers recently told us that what we do is “make the seller business simpler.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Time well spent is a core value at our company, and I was excited to see that the concept is gaining ground in Silicon Valley. 

Thanks for reading.  All the best.  

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