4 ways our new eBridge integration platform is good for merchants

4 ways our new eBridge integration platform is good for merchants

Thursday, April 11, 2019Lindsay Hampson

eBridge Connections talks a lot about the systems we connect. Yet, the guts behind our integration platform is often glazed over.

Our integration platform matters to our customers. They trust it with the lifeblood of their business; their order data and customer relationships.

These are the 4 reasons our customers trust us:


1. The eBridge Integration Platform Lives on a World Class Cloud: Microsoft Azure

Our team of in-house developers built a brand new, for the cloud, integration platform. They opted to host it on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud as it is reliable, open and flexible. And, it is scalable. The eBridge platform can easily scale for high order volumes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some of our competitors host their integration tools on backroom servers. Others charge an arm and a leg for a robust cloud hosting. Our platform on Microsoft Azure gives eBridge the perfect balance. We pass affordability and reliability onto our customers.

2. Our Integration Platform is Flexible

We are always developing new workflows. We are always adding new system connectors. There is often a request for a new field a customer wants us to populate.

The world of integration requests is vast. So, we needed an integration platform that could be agile. The Microsoft Azure Cloud gives eBridge developers the flexibility to enhance our platform. We adjust to the turns and curves of the changing needs of brands and merchants.

3. Customers Get 99.95% Reliability

We know our client’s order data will flow between the systems they need. Why? The guts of our integration platform are robust. Our platform is always open for your business.

With Microsoft Azure, our applications are resilient and up to date. eBridge uses their network load balancing, and geo-redundant storage. And, Microsoft Azure delivers a 99.95% uptime and is industry certified for security and compliance.

4. An Integration Platform Without Boundaries

Have a system on prem and need it to connect to a cloud application? The eBridge Connections integration platform can do it. Prem-to-cloud integration is tough for some of our competitors. Again, we are fortunate to have the ability to pull data from a long list of source types. We use robust messaging and networking capabilities in Microsoft Azure to deliver a hybrid solutions.

The eBridge platform was built from the ground up for the Microsoft Azure cloud. Brands, suppliers and merchants around the world trust it with their customer orders.

Want more information on our eBridge Connections integration platform, or Microsoft Azure? Download the datasheet.

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