Tuesday, August 25, 2015Global Administrator Over the past few weeks we’ve been taking some time to really get to know our channel partners and getting a better understanding of what they do and why they do it.

Today’s feature partner is Atmosol, an eCommerce design and development firm based out of Phoenix, AZ. Atmosol is headed by CEO Vishal Wadher, and was founded in 2005. By the words of his own employees, Vishal has an “endless supply of energy which he dedicates to Atmosol.” To give you a better idea of what Atmosol is all about, we conducted a brief interview with Vishal. Please find the interview Q & A below.

1.  What is your specialty (which eCommerce platform(s) do you work with)?

For SMB we use Shopify/Bigcommerce and Magento CE. However, for our enterprise clientele, we are generally working with Magento EE, Mozu and Demandware.

Having said that, Shopify and Magento are the most popular solutions selected by our clients and therefore we have a solid set of expertise on those.

2. Why did you select that as your specialty? Why do you believe in this platform?
Shopify is easy to use and feature rich for the smaller clients. They are able to get the most value out of the platform and it allows them to be able to manage everything on their own.

Magento is open source and also feature rich. It is extremely scalable for growing retailers and provides a lot of support and 3rd party extensions.

3.  How long have you been doing what you’re doing?

10 years.

4.  Who are some of your notable clients?

 RedBull, MTV, Union Bay, Pokemon, Gerber, RiteAid, Tupperware

5.  Tell us something interesting about your company that makes you different?

We are not just a bunch of developers.  We are a digital marketing agency specifically for eCommerce retailers. We don’t just build their online stores, we also analyze, optimize and constantly review their data to increase online conversions.  Also our code is 100% made in the USA.

6.  Provide a quote on eCommerce, the digital world, or just what you do overall.

“eCommerce conversion happens when you have successfully created a personal and emotional bond with your customer who can visualize your product as part of their lifestyle.” – Vishal Wadher

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