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How Link Building Increases Traffic and Sales

Link building can be considered the back bone to some eCommerce merchants SEO strategy. Try and imagine it as a city’s (the internet’s) road map to a destination (your site). It’s a good analogy that is often used to describe how it works.

The challenge for most eCommerce sites is that there are a number of products that you are marketing at once.

Who do you go to for help?

Where can you place links to your products?

How do you prioritize your link building efforts?

When it comes down to it, the importance of a good link building strategy cannot be underestimated. It’s important to approach it the right way as well. Understanding what makes a quality backlink can make or break your SEO strategy. Here are a few amateur tips that could help you out a bit!

1. Make sure your backlinks are relevant. This is important on both the domain and the page level. When placing a link back to your site on a page, you must ensure that it belongs there. If you post your blog about your men’s sunglasses on a page about woman’s footwear, you probably won’t get much SEO value.

2. Your own page design has to make an impact. Leave it free of clutter and make it pop. No one wants to link to a poor looking site. Also ensure that each product has a dedicated page. This will provide you with a highly relevant destination for your backlinks to land on.

3. Leverage your relationships, both personal and business. Begin requesting some backlinks from partners you do business with or any friends and family on their social media. Not only is this good promotion, but it can also help give you an SEO boost.

4. Take some time to see what products are receiving the most traffic and selling the best; push for backlinks to those products first. Referring back to #2, you want to be sure that those products have their own page as well so your backlinks are relevant. These need to be content rich with photos, videos and keyword heavy descriptions.

5. If you don’t have a blog, add one. If you have one, make sure you’re utilizing it to its full potential! A blog with great content is a good way to get your link shared on social media and other websites. Another strategy to consider here is guest blogging. Using this method you can benefit from the SEO authority that has already been established on other sites. Lastly, encouraging guest blogging on your own site helps to boost your content when you have experts talking about what they know best.

Keep in mind that link building is only one component of a quality SEO strategy and these are only a couple of techniques you can use to help drive traffic to your eCommerce store. Make sure you are also focusing some of your time on other SEO and traffic generation tactics.

Have you found any other link building tricks that have helped with your store? Please share in the comments below.

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