New eBay feature from eBridge

New eBay feature from eBridge

Tuesday, August 30, 2016Lindsay Hampson Hey eBay merchants.  New eBay feature now supported!
We are proud as punch to be releasing an updated “eBay adaptor” within our eBridge universal connector. 
What is new?
eBay has enhanced their API to give sellers a list of suggested categories based on their listing description.  This enhancement is exciting, but cumbersome to those trying to process orders automatically. 
Why does this help our customers?
With eBridge’s updated adaptor for eBay, customers create listings in the “Suggest Categories” without a hitch! 
For you eBay store development folks, this means:

New eBay integration features on eBridge's iPaaS

Who gets access to it?
The cool thing about eBridge is that our universal connector is made available to all customers.  This means that anytime we update any adaptor (for eBay, or for any eCommerce, CRM, EDI partner or accounting application) all customers immediately benefit. 

eBay and ERP integration via eBridge iPaaS
And, if you change accounting packages or eCommerce platforms down the road, you can keep the eBridge universal connector, and just “unplug” your current systems, and “plug in” your new systems.  That’s the beauty of our universal connector.

We make ebay and ERP integration easy

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