Our partnership with Yappn is a valuable one for our clients (and for Selling Science Fair attendees!). Find out why...

Our partnership with Yappn is a valuable one for our clients (and for Selling Science Fair attendees!). Find out why...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017Lauren Macdonald Every day at eBridge Connections we interact with dozens of smart and talented web agencies, app developers, ERP VARS, ecommerce solution providers, ecommerce platforms, CRM consultants, and more.

Recently, we took a good, long look at our 100+ channel and technology partners and marvelled at the diversity of the solutions they provide for sellers both in-stores and online. These are smart folks that are using their talents, intelligence, and technology, to create innovative products or provide helpful services that empower merchants and entrepreneurs to sell in more places (and to do so with greater degrees of efficiency).

Showcasing these amazing companies and giving sellers a ‘one-stop-shop’ to learn more about them, is what Selling Science Fair is all about.

We see the value in partnering with companies throughout the industry so that we can work together to break down barriers that are limiting our clients’ successes. On September 20th, 2017, we’re inviting sellers from all over the world, to stop by our virtual Selling Science Fair and browse through 2-3 minute videos that showcase the best of the best in the ecommerce and retail solution-provider industry. The intention is to educate and inform sellers about the tools and solutions at their disposal, and to have a lot of fun while doing so! It also gives our partners a chance to demonstrate what makes them unique and the value they can offer to a sellers’ business.

One company that sellers can look forward to learning about at this year’s Selling Science Fair is Yappn. Yappn approaches the challenge of real-time language translation by offering a complete customizable set of tools to engage consumers in in over 60 languages.
Here’s what our friends at Yappn had to say about our partnership:

eBridge is one of Yappn's newest partners and we're quite excited to work with them as we can now offer translation capabilities to eBridge’s clients and partners in a seamless, fast and cost effective way.

Yappn Translation System (“YTS”) offers a dramatic paradigm shift in the art of translation by using machine learning to dramatically improve upon traditional translation methods, translating context and syntax along with words which preserves accuracy, meaning and relevance from one language to another. This transformative solution is hosted on the open and flexible Microsoft Azure cloud platform delivering a dependable offering that includes a scalable solution to effectively address a global marketplace.

YTS dynamically translates websites including eCommerce sites, social media walls and customer care live chat conversations.

Worldwide eCommerce growth is catching on everywhere like a viral meme on the Internet. We're looking at $4T in growth just in the next few years, with Asia's Silicon Tiger leading the race at $1.4T. India is late to the eCommerce party but is expected to grow to $64B by 2021. Native language(s) content in Asia isn't keeping up with online growth, especially in India and the Middle East where, roughly 30-40% of the population speaks primarily English but website content isn't translated into Arabic or any of India's main languages (and there are 25 official ones).  Fortunately, there are plenty of eager consumers on both sides of the planet ready to buy the other side's goods and services, so companies like eBridge Connections and Yappn will allow communication, connections and functionalities.

We're also excited about how Toronto is quickly becoming a technology hub for Canada and the rest of North America, with start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to the Great White North for a business-friendly environment with the diversity and multicultural focus they need to promote innovation and creativity. Let the brain gain begin!

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