Aberdeen Research Report on iPaaS: Integration is Vital For Modern Business

Aberdeen Research Report on iPaaS: Integration is Vital For Modern Business

Thursday, August 1, 2019Lindsay Hampson Aberdeen released a new research report in July 2019 covering the iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) space. It discusses roadblocks to vital but disparate systems, the benefits of integration, more detail on eCommerce, ERP, EDI and CRM integrations, and finally how a business can grow when its data flows.

Integration is Vital For Modern Business: Here's How Leaders Get it Right

Jim Rapoza is Research Director, IT, for Aberdeen. He dove into the options merchants and brands are faced with when they are squeezed with high order volumes. A great example of an integration is the connecting of a brand's Shopify, Amazon or EDI retailer trading partner like Home Depot with their brand's back-office ERP or accounting application. The linking, or integrating, of these systems eliminates manual data entry and save a growing business time.

Jim points out that inherently, integration dilemmas live in the Office of the IT Director. However often the eCommerce Director or Sales Manager seeks a solution themselves. Why? They feel the pain of manual data entry themselves processing orders, adjusting inventory, trying to run at the speed of business and getting shipments out on time.


Businesses That Are Best-In-Class Are 65% More Likely To Be Using An iPaaS

"Throughout Aberdeen's technology research, integration consistently comes out at or near the top of importance. In fact, it is the number one criterion by which businesses choose cloud and other key infrastructure solutions," notes Jim in the research report. 

The Challenge To Integrate Vital Systems and Data Across a Business

The biggest challenge appears to be the connection of both prem and cloud systems together. many businesses still run an older ERP and need to connect their SaaS CRM or eCommerce apps. Most point to point maps are unable to link in this hybrid flow. Or, a complex map is created but several years down the line the business decided they DO want to move their ERP to the cloud after all - and their current integration must be scrapped. 

Achieving The Benefits of iPaaS

Once the brand or merchant selects an IPaaS, the onboarding begins. It's brain surgery or electrical rewiring as experts begin to pull the thread of business processes into a central, conical middle (the iPaaS), and turn on automatic data flow. It's much more complex than 2 sentences, but slightly less involved than brain surgery. 

Three Numbers Leading Businesses Achieve with iPaaS

  1. 4.5% - Organizations with iPaaS deployed are 4.5 more likely to be highly satisfied with ease of on-boarding and completion of initial projects
  2. 80%  - Organizations with iPaaS deployed are 80% more likely to be highly satisfied with uptime of data integration connections
  3. 2x - Organizations with iPaaS deployed are 2x more likely to be highly satisfied with the quality of data 

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