Tuesday, December 23, 2014Global Administrator

Employees of eBridge Connections joined in the holiday spirit and organized a food drive for the 5th straight year to bring hope, relief and security to Burlington families struggling with hunger.Nearly 17,000 residents in Burlington are living below or at the poverty line, and approximately 10% of children are at risk of going to bed hungry.

Left: Cam Jackson, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Partnership West Family Support Network; Centre: Colin Brown, CEO eBridge Connections; Right: Paul Tammeorg, Operations Manager, Partnership West Family Support Network

Over the course of a week, employees at eBridge collected boxes full of food to help feed the less fortunate. In the end, together we collected an impressive 572 lbs. of food – the highest amount yet in the last 5 years! All of this food was donated to Partnership West Food Bank – a local food bank in Burlington dedicated to acquiring and distributing food to the less privileged. Partnership West Food Bank provides food to over 700 people in the Burlington area, which is made possible through the donations they receive from individuals, corporations, churches, community events and many other means. They distribute packaged, canned, perishable and non-perishable food items that meet all Canada Food Safety Standards.

In lieu of purchasing the weekly fruit groceries for the employees for the past two weeks, eBridge Connections donated the monetary value of $200 to the food bank as well!

In addition to the food drive, we participated in the Halton Region Children Christmas Sponsorship Program as well. With generous donation contributions from eBridge employees we were able to support a family for Christmas by providing them with warm clothes and gifts.

A special mention to some of our eBridge employees – Bryan Christopher, Lesley Gibson and Kim Hawley – for organizing and running the food drive! And a big thank you to Lesley Gibson again for organizing the Children Christmas Sponsorship! Last but not least, congratulations to everyone at eBridge Connections for a job well done!

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