How to Keep your Customers Coming Back

How to Keep your Customers Coming Back

Monday, December 14, 2015Kelly Nelson

How Earn Loyal Customers 

This tends to be an area of business where most companies can agree. It’s a simple concept – your best customers are your most loyal customers. In fact, most would argue that it is downright essential to any eCommerce business to have a solid group of loyal customers that keep coming back!

Customer service can be tricky, but so simple at the same time. Here are a few simple things you can do to hang on to that valuable loyalty!

Small Gestures bring Big Loyalty

It’s very important to provide some sort of incentive to your customers that keep coming back. Incentive can be a small or big gesture, just be sure it provides value to that customer. For example, you’re an electronics store and selling Blu-ray players. To every customer who purchases a player, offer them 50% off a Blu-ray movie on their next purchase. This is a simple incentive that encourages them to come back to your store. In addition, it provides more value to the original purchase of the Blu-ray player.

Follow the Breadcrumbs

Google Analytics is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Us it to your advantage here. Follow the trail to where your customers leave, and watch their behaviour. These analytics can tell you a lot about what they want/expect from your website and product. Specifically, your behaviour flow tool is very valuable. It can show you the entire path your customer took from entering the site to dropping off. This provides you with some clues as to why they left so you can attempt to prevent it next time.

Everyone loves feeling special

The only way to truly do this is to make sure they feel noticed and that they matter. Depending on your business and how large it is, you may want to consider some more personal touch points. A phone call or hand written letter perhaps. In today’s increasingly digital world, the power of a personal touch is often underestimated by retailers. Email is great, but it can often cost you per send. A phone call or letter in their shipment can be both effective and efficient.

“You’ve Got Mail!”

Leverage your email marketing to the best of your ability. Don’t let this go underutilized. By having an optimized email strategy, you can give your customer the “goods” before anyone else. It makes them feel special just by being on the list. You can give them information on afirst-to-know basis. This could be anything from coupon codes, discounts, new products or promotions; anything that tells them that you were thinking of them. Plus, coupons and discounts gives them a reason to come back.

Customer loyalty is so important to any online retailer. It’s a fragile thing and your customers can go elsewhere at any time.

What have you done to keep your customers happy?

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