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Sync MS Dynamics 365 to your webstore to delight your customers

Sync MS Dynamics 365 to your webstore to delight your customers

Monday, December 5, 2016Lindsay Hampson

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the talk of the town

In July 2016, Microsoft launched a strategy that combines both CRM and ERP services into one offering on the cloud.  Pick and choose what areas of your business are pulled into 365.  Fast.  App-backed.  And, adaptable.  The offering is slick, and their message is truly compelling. 

While many of you are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, GP and SL, 365 is an extension of these – but up, up and away in the clouds.

eBridge is very familiar with MS ERPs.  We’ve integrated hundreds of MS customer data with eCommerce, EDI or CRM systems or partners for over 22 years.  (Back when gas was just 5 cents a litre…) 

365 explained in 5 bullets:
  • Intelligent and purpose-built business applications
  • Serving customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions covering, sales, customers service, operations, financial, field services, project service automation and marketing
  • All about choice: apps work alone, or together as you wish
  • Add or remove ‘parts:’ adaptable
  • 365 is on the cloud and ready to grow and change when you are
Today, eBridge is proudly equipped to support Dynamics 365 customers with their integration needs - through 2016 and beyond.  Just today, we had a prospective customer reach out asking for help on an integration from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Channel Advisor and their Magento webstore.   

What about integrating data from 365 into and out of your other business systems?

Having a powerful application for CRM and ERP is one thing.  But having it work fast enough to keep up with the demands of your customers is quite another.

Let’s talk Microsoft Dynamics 365 + eCommerce, retail EDI.
eCommerce integration

Allowing your customers to shop for your products online can make for a great, but complicated business model.  Technology that connects, bi-directionally, order and inventory data from your ERP to your webstore can reduce the time it takes for manual order entry. 

eBridge maintains a connector for each of the 20+ eCommerce platforms out there today.  Platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Volusion, Miva, Mozu, AspDotNet and 3dCart, to name a few. 

See the full list of eCommerce carts eBridge supports already here.

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with eCommerce
EDI trading partner integration:

What about automating data flow between your 365 ERP and your trading partners via EDI?  eCommerce integration is beneficial, but never mandatory.  The sheer amount of work it saves makes it commonplace.  EDI integration is a different story.  Many trading partners, such as Walmart and Home Depot, mandate that all businesses that sell merchandise in their stores must use EDI and fall in line with their specific data fields, policies, etc. Need more info on EDI? Check out our Fresh Guide to EDI

eBridge has already built an integration with over 600+ trading partners.  365 customers simply need to add or remove EDI trading partners as they require.  All the management is on our shoulders after testing is complete. 

Powerful 365 businesses stay one step ahead of their customers’ issues

Delight your customers with fast and accurate orders:

  • Order automation means that the moment they hit the “buy” button, their customer data and order flows to 365, your inventory numbers are updated instore and online, and their shipping number is released to their email
  • Stop worrying about rekeying errors – customer orders are right, every time
  • Returns taking over your life?  Those are automated with eCommerce integration as well
  • Data from instore and online orders for a single customer are served up for easier tracking
  • Growing?  Add additional eCommerce platforms or trading partners easily

We make integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 easy 

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