NetSuite plays ball with the world of EDI, eCommerce, CRM

NetSuite plays ball with the world of EDI, eCommerce, CRM

Thursday, December 22, 2016Lindsay Hampson NetSuite has hit many home runs over the years (even back when the company was still named NetLedger).  The great Billy Beane (think MoneyBall), noted NetSuite’s ingenuity and joined their board of directors in the mid 2000’s. They have always been a company that based itself on quality, facts and instincts.  And, they so brilliantly marketed and executed their plan that they were bought by Oracle in 2016

Another home run.

Given the glowing reports many give NetSuite, it is easy to see why businesses choose NetSuite ERP and NetSuite One World for their accounting and resource management systems.  

A top player on the NetSuite team is NetSuite ERP.  NetSuite OneWorld is a another impressive ERP with robust features and proven benefits.

Passing NetSuite data to and from your vendors and 3PLs in order to trade

EDI Integration with NetSuite

Industries including retail, manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, food and beverage, sporting goods, to name a few, actually have a lot in common with baseball.  One similarity is data.  Another is acronyms. "EDI", or Electronic Data Interchange, is often a thorn in the side of these businesses.  Selling products and services in Big Box, brick-and-mortar stores is lucrative.  But, complying with order data field requirements is complex, ever changing and unique to each Big Box store.

Eliminate manual and duplicate entry.  Employing bi-directional, automated integration between EDI trading partners and ERP systems provides some benefits that are "out of the park:" 

  • Improved speed of data exchange
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Liberated valuable resources, like time and money
  • Improved operational efficiency
When vendor side trading, you need to source your products, submit your orders, and so on. An integration between your NetSuite ERP and your EDI trading partners is the solution.

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Passing NetSuite data to and from your customers in order to sell

Your customers are complex:
  • You need to sell to your customers. 
  • They are buying online and instore. 
  • Some buy Wednesdays. 
  • Some buy annually. 
  • Some buy on 
  • Some drive to Home Depot and find the closet parking spot. 
  • You need to know your customer. 
  • And, you need to have your product available when they want to buy it. 
Order data flow between NetSuite and EDI trading partners can be complex:
  • You need to track their orders, both online and in-store. 
  • You need to get the order right. 
  • You need to be sure the inventory is there. 
  • You need to get the products ordered to your customer fast. 
  • You need to make happy, returning, referring customers. 

eCommerce and EDI integration, such as Netsuite to Shopify or NetSuite to Magento, or NetSuite to EDI trading partners like Target or Home Depot, is the answer to heavy data entry. Find out more about how eBridge can help your business link NetSuite ERP to eCommerce or NetSuite ERP to EDI.  

Just like Billy Bean would attest, it's all about data.

Map the types of data flows you could automate with this quick and easy tool. 

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