The Magic of Holiday Shopping is Changed, But Still Magical

The Magic of Holiday Shopping is Changed, But Still Magical

Friday, December 9, 2016Lindsay Hampson Yesterday our little part of the world was covered in snow.  Around 5:30pm the streetlights went on and everyone from our eBridge office drove on home. 

At my house there were dishes to be washed, kids to be bathed and lunches to be made.  In the thick of household chores, I was far from being in the ‘eCommerce, EDI and CRM integration’ mindset I am in when I’m at our eBridge office. 

Around 9:00pm my iPhone woke up and reminded me that my 2 Amazon orders, and 1 TopBox order was “Delivered” today.  I ran across the road to the mailbox (in slippers – don’t think less of me). 

There they were.  One order from China full of toys for my youngest.  Three make-up kits from California for my sister-in-laws.  And one small box from New Jersey with LipChap stocking stuffers.  All three orders promised to be here before Christmas.  All were safely in my mailbox while the snow fell around them all day long. 

eCommerce is a business.  Helping merchants process orders faster (integration) is a business.  But both serve regular people, like me. 

My gift list came to life on my phone when I clicked “Buy.”   Though I didn’t trek to the mall, the magic of Holiday shopping is alive and well in a new and exciting way - under the streetlight beside my mailbox. 

Happy holiday shopping all.  :)

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