Automation Makes Customer Returns easy with Return Magic

Automation Makes Customer Returns easy with Return Magic

Wednesday, December 12, 2018Lauren Macdonald If you use Return Magic as your return management software and are looking for a way to integrate it with your accounting or ERP application, you’ve come to the right place!
This week “in the integration weeds” we’re diving into the details on how we’ve helped eCommerce merchants streamline data to do with returns by connecting their Return Magic software with their back-office accounting/ERP systems.
One eBridge customer was automating order data, inventory updates, product catalogue, and shipment data between their Shopify store and SAP ECC ERP using eBridge’s universal integration platform, but quickly realized they needed to automate the data that came from processing returns as well.
As an add-on to their Shopify store, Return Magic was the return management software this particular client was using to make returns possible for their eCommerce customers.  But when returns are made, inventory levels need to be re-adjusted, return shipping labels need to be printed, and refunds need to be issued.
While Return Magic makes the return process easier for a merchant to complete, the changes in data still need to be accounted for in SAP ECC ERP as well.
This meant eBridge Connections needed to build a connector for Return Magic in order to complete the customers’ integration solution so that Shopify, SAP ECC, and Return Magic could all pass data seamlessly through an automated approach.

An eCommerce return process that's simple and integrated with your ERP and Accounting 

Now, with this Return Magic connector built out, any eCommerce merchant using Return Magic will be able to integrate their return data with their accounting/ERP system using eBridge Connection’s robust and reliable platform.
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