NetSuite Integration Made Easy

NetSuite Integration Made Easy

Monday, January 9, 2017Lindsay Hampson Integrate-with-NetSuite.bmp​We get it. There are plenty of vendors out there that can integrate into NetSuite’s ERP system.

How do you pick a vendor that gives you the most benefit?

  • Get more than ‘A to B’ integration. Get a powerful infrastructure too.  
​Pick a vendor that provides an audit trail of all documents passed between NetSuite and your eCommerce, EDI or CRM systems. Use their prepopulated business rules. And gain access to a live dashboard – accessible from anywhere and any device. You’re in control (make sure the vendor doesn’t customize your ERP… a ‘pure line’ integration is best.)
  • Your needs don’t need to fit inside a box.  
Decide the fields of data you want flowing between NetSuite and your other business systems. Don’t be told. Pick a NetSuite partner, they understand that every client uses NetSuite uniquely.
  • No maps! Make certain the vendor maintains EDI connectors for the retail partners YOU want to trade with. Add, remove them as you need.
Don’t have custom maps developed from your ERP to Home Depot, Sears or Walmart. Maps get expensive, get outdated quickly and are inflexible. Pick an integration vendor that has a long list of big box retailers for whom they already have a prebuilt integration for.
  • Can you easily add online / eCommerce connectors too? 
Thinking Amazon is the place for your products? Want to try a Magento store?  Connect NetSuite to Magento, NetSuite to Shopify, NetSuite to Amazon, NetSuite to BigCommerce, NetSuite to eBay, and so on.  Prefer a unique web store? Pick a vendor that allows you to keep retail connectors, and just add the other eCommerce connectors you need.
  • Want to integrate with Salesforce or Microsoft CRM? 
Customer orders and records need to also be updated in your CRM. Considering integration between NetSuite and your CRM? Make sure your vendor maintains a connector for Salesforce to NetSuite, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NetSuite, as well.
  • Universality = choice as you grow.  
As you find new channels to gain exposure for your products, add or remove eCommerce platforms, carts, web stores, 3PLs, “big box” trading partners and even CRMs – all with your one integration vendor.

eBridge Connections’ NetSuite integration exceeds the standard. Get the connection you need while also getting choice.


Here’s why top retailers integrate. *

Buyers are shifting to online channels, and sellers need to ensure their continued satisfaction
- 72% of buyer respondents said that over 25% of new sales are online
- 59% of sellers made eCommerce technology a priority in 2016
- 62% of sellers are scouting for a unified eCommerce solution

*Read the full study from Forrester Research, 2016 here: 

Integrate your NetSuite ERP with your eCommerce and EDI

We make integrating your NetSuite with your eCommerce and retail EDI easy. 

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