Shopify merchants, discover the easy way to integrate your eCommerce and Quickbooks

Shopify merchants, discover the easy way to integrate your eCommerce and Quickbooks

Tuesday, January 31, 2017Lauren Macdonald

At eBridge, we know a thing or two about Shopify. In fact, we’re partners with Shopify, and with a whole bunch of smart Shopify consultants, web development agencies, app store developers, and more. Plus, we’ve already helped a lot of merchants selling on Shopify’s platform by simplifying their business processes and aiding them to grow their business with ease and efficiency.

One of the many groups of Shopify merchants that we’ve gotten really good at helping, is those of you running Intuit QuickBooks as your back-end accounting system. That’s because our integration solution that connects Shopify and Intuit QuickBooks, is a tool that allows retailers to do business better.

But what does ‘better’ really mean?
Well, it means:
  • You can process more orders,
  • And, you can process them fast and accurately.
  • You can automate your inventory levels, shipping updates, customer data and more.
  • You can keep customers happy and maybe even score some sweet online reviews.
  • You can stop hiring workers to do manual data entry between Shopify and QuickBooks,
  • And, you can free up time and resources to focus on other higher priority areas of your business.
  •  You can sit back and enjoy your coffee while your orders, inventory, shipping, and more, flow automatically (and bi-directionally) back and forth between your webstore and accounting system.
Sure, there’s all kinds of great tools out there for Shopify users, but here’s why we think integration is the best tool of all…

Every retailer, no matter what product they’re selling, needs to keep records of their orders, invoices, returns, customer data, purchase order receipts, etc., in an accounting or ERP system.
That’s just a reality of doing business.

And when you’re selling online, and your store is succeeding, that requires a lot of manual data entry back and forth between business systems. Unless of course, you have an integration solution that can take care of your data for you.

At eBridge, we can pull the order data from your Shopify store, convert it into an XML format that is both human readable and machine readable, and output it into your Intuit QuickBooks accounting package. And we can transfer your shipping and tracking info back into your Shopify store, and make sure inventory levels are updated to reflect the changes in both systems.

And hey, we connect more than just Shopify and QuickBooks.

Yep, our connector is so well-built that it’s actually universal.

That means we can connect your Shopify store to any accounting or ERP system of your choosing. It also means you can grow your business across multiple eCommerce platforms or marketplaces (like Amazon, or eBay), and we can connect them all to your accounting system.

Do you use a CRM application like Salesforce to keep track of your customers and prospects? We can integrate that with your Shopify and QuickBooks (or other systems) as well.

We make integrating Quickbooks and Shopify easy. 


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