2020 in Review - A Year of Growth for eBridge

2020 in Review - A Year of Growth for eBridge

Friday, January 29, 2021Eric Zegarski

2020 in Review - eBridge Experienced Strong Growth as Merchants Go All-In With eCommerce

2020 has been a year of challenges, adaptation, and perseverance for many businesses around the globe. Towards the end of Q1 our team had to pivot to face the uncertainties that were to come. We at eBridge have always taken pride that our team is all housed under one roof. For the first time in company history, we would all be working remotely from our homes.

The spirit of eBridge lived on digitally, we continued to have our bi-weekly Good Vibe Fridays, where eBridgers get together and share a drink and a laugh or two together. We also hosted companywide meetings including “Ask Me Anything” AMAs with our leadership team. Through the power of Microsoft Teams, we managed to stay connected digitally with each other and with our customers.

2020 Has Been a Year of Growth

eBridge’s cloud integration platform was primed and ready for more customers and super high transaction volumes on Jan 1 2020. Over the past few years, we’d shifted our platform to MS Azure, and moved our customers to the cloud. Our cutting-edge technology – being able to scale our platform’s transaction ability during peak times, and lower it during quieter times – was tested and optimized. And, when the world went online mid-march, this preparation proved timely. We saw transactional volumes the likes of typical Black Friday Cyber Monday in Q1 and Q2.


This year eBridge has seen growth in terms of staff, customers, and platform usage. 2020 was a year where we doubled down on our customer service. This year we hired across the board with new member joining development, professional services (implementation), support, finance, sales, and marketing. We’re happy to share three new roles that are focused on maintain great customer experiences:

Mark T – Director of Customer Success
Mark is a returning eBridger. Formally, he was on our professional services team. Now Mark is leading our support team. Mark’s mission is to ensure each eBridge customer that reaches out to our support team receives the white glove service they deserve.

Leandro S – Professional Services Administrator
Leandro functions as a bridge between customers being onboarded and our implementation team. He ensures that project managers have all the required information they need to get a project rolling. In addition, he provides upper management updates on projects. His focus is that every onboarding project gets the service they deserve.

Sarah N - Contract Resolution Specialist
Sarah was a vital member of our finance team and stepped into a new role. Sarah’s focuses on connecting the dots between project team and your needs. She encourages success of projects for our extensive partner network and clients.

Growing Our Pool of Users and Satisfied Customer

While we’re still crunching the final tallies for Q4, we can speak to our first 3 quarters. During 2020 we’ve seen a 50 percent increase in requests for information about our services. This resulted in an immense increase in new eBridge users. Our professional services team received well over 250 positive feedback reviews for work completed this year. 

But don’t take our word for it, here’s new freshly onboarded eBridge customers are saying:
“We are proud to have served our customers and maintained a high level of service across our eBridge Cloud in 2020. I’m happy to report that we got to share many of their success stories on social media, as we continued to support their businesses throughout the year. We aim to help the “little guy” compete the big guy. I’m glad we could continue to do this as many of our customers pivoted, creating online stores, or began selling on marketplaces like Amazon last year. ” Lindsay Hampson - VP of Marketing 


We Went Green This Year

During Q2 eBridge was able to donate 608 trees. eBridge is proud to announce that in Q3 we sold 584 different workflows. Therefore, we’ll be able to plant 584 trees through #TeamTrees. If we all undertake a small sustainability initiative, then together we can make our planet a bit greener for everyone. Over the last 3 quarters, we have been able to plant 1509 trees.

Record setting Platform Usage

During 2020 our platform experienced record use. Up until December 2020, we processed more than 57 million documents for our customers. With consumers flooding to online shops, during the lead up to December 1st in the tail end of November, we processed over 6 million transactions. That momentum pushed into early December with daily totals averaging around 425k documents a day.

Growing Our Partner Network

In 2020 we added over 100 new members to our partner network. Our partner network is made up of tech solution providers like eCommerce platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce), ERPs (Microsoft, Sage), dropshipping hubs (CommerceHub) and POS systems (Square, COVA). In addition, to our tech partners, we have agency partners. Our agency network is made up of fantastic agencies who can help you with everything from getting a new Shopify store set up to getting listed on Amazon. We worked with our partners to curate some thought-provoking content.

We would like to give a HUGE shoutout to two of our all-star tech partners, CommerceHub and ShipStation. Throughout the year we have undertaken multiple co-marketing initiatives evangelizing services offered by CommerceHub and ShipStation. We had a blast joining ShipStation for their End of Year Bash discussing all things related to warehousing efficiencies and shipping from home tips. CommerceHub and eBridge hosted a joint webinar showcasing how both of their software solutions work in tandem, helping merchants manage their drop shipping relationships with retailers like Macys and Lowes.


Looking at 2021 and Beyond

Our goal for 2021 is to capitalize on our successes from 2020 and grow even more. The ecosystems of apps eBridge can build and serve is limitless. Our mission is to help merchants champion their commerce operations and simplify their data flow. eBridge will continue to be dedicated to putting our customers’ needs first. In addition, we will continue to grow our teams to serve you better. We’re currently actively recruiting for roles across the board. In 2021 we will continue to work with our tech and channel partners to make commerce easier for their users and clients.

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