These top BigCommerce merchants trust eBridge with their important business data

These top BigCommerce merchants trust eBridge with their important business data

Thursday, July 26, 2018Lauren Macdonald eBridge Connections has grown close with BigCommerce and formed a strong relationship with many of their employees over the past couple years. Their team refer us many merchants that are in need of a smart, reliable way to connect their online store with their back-office accounting or ERP systems.
To show you what we’re talking about, we thought we’d dive deeper into 3 of the many successful BigCommerce integrations that have gone live on our platform over the past few months:

1. Nalpak Inc.

Nalpak Inc. had their early roots in creating custom reusable packaging. Today, they have been making Tuffpak hard-sided cases for over 30 years, and also offer flashlights, multi-tools, knives, and a full-line uniform shop, servicing police departments throughout San Diego County. Their success comes from offering the very best products backed by the very best customer service. But with great success has come data entry hardships for the employees at Nalpak Inc.

The team at Nalpak were glad to learn that eBridge had experience integrating BigCommerce stores for tons of other companies, just like theirs. Using their pre-built connectors for Sage 100 and BigCommerce, eBridge’s team of implementation experts were able to configure an integration solution that would flow Nalpak’s important business data exactly the way they needed.

Starting with order data, and adding inventory, product, and shipment data as well, eBridge’s team worked alongside Nalpak to ensure the integration solution met the needs of their employees. The result was a solution that would save them from hours of manual data entry and help create efficiency in their processing and fulfilment models.

2. Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co.  

In 1976 Branch Meanley founded Green Mountain Rifle Barrels with machinery he custom made or modified to turn his vision of the perfect barrel into reality. Since then, business has been great and Green Mountain has been proudly providing competitive shooters and hunters with products that perform to their highest expectations for decades.

With such success, however, has come data entry challenges that meant Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. Inc. needed a vendor that specialized in ERP integration and could connect their Exact Macola ERP with their BigCommerce online store to automate the exchange of data across systems.

It was important to Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. Inc. that all of their important data would be passed bi-directionally between Exact Macola and BigCommerce. To make this happen, eBridge Connections team of implementation experts, set up pre-built workflows for the four data types that mattered to Green Mountain: Order, Inventory, Product Catalogue, and Shipment data.
3. Jordan Outdoor Enterprises: Realtree

Vision on behalf of their founder, and Promotion to spur the company’s growth, are the qualities that Realtree attributes to their success. If you read about their company on, you’ll find that “Realtree has steadily grown to become a household name and one of the strongest brands in the hunting industry,” largely as a result of their founder, Bill Jordan, and his vision for the company as well as his strength in learning how to promote it.

But with great success and fast growth, comes a problem for the employees on the backend that are responsible for manually entering order data, inventory updates, and shipment details back and forth across platforms. Eventually, the sheer volume of data becomes unmanageable. This was certainly the case for DJ. Jennings, Sales Manager, at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, which prompted her and her team to reach out to eBridge for help.

When DJ reached out to eBridge Connections she was happy to learn that eBridge has pre-built connectors for BigCommerce and for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This meant they had found a company that wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to get their integration solution up and running.

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises could simply use the pre-built connectors as a starting point, and with the help of eBridge Connections’ implementation team, configure the connectors and add customizations that would help flow the data exactly the way they needed it to flow for their Realtree store and their Dynamics GP ERP.

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