Wednesday, June 10, 2015Global Administrator ePortal provides one solution for the exchange of business data by managing connectivity, data transformation, storage, and EDI compliancy functions (if required). In addition, ePortal acts as an interface to display the flow of data resulting from your eBridge integration solution.

ePortal relies on XML technology to manage and process data. All inbound data that enters the ePortal is transformed into XML of an XCBL schema (XML Common Business Library). In this format, the data remains flexible and non-restrictive for additional processing, such as distribution, display, storage, and integration.

We know that’s a lot of integration jargon and you’re probably wondering what it all means to you…

This means that the ePortal relieves your organization of the need to purchase and maintain multiple components and provides you with an overall view of your business transactions. Both of these benefits allows you to exchange with your trading partners and other business systems seamlessly at any time! As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, it provides remote exchange and viewing of business data and documents using a web-based interface. The ePortal supports a wide range of documents used in business operations, such as EDI, CRM, eCommerce, SCM, logistics and warehouse management.

With an eBridge integration solution working in conjunction with ePortal, data can be automatically and bi-directionally exchanged with your accounting or ERP system to eliminate manual data entry processes. Through ePortal, your financial system is connected to your, eCommerce storefront, EDI trading partners and other external business systems for a streamlined and uninterrupted data flow.

Did we mention it can also provide you with email notifications of received and unacknowledged outbound documents?

Our very own Colin Brown (CEO and Founder) laid it out for us…

“Simply put, the ePortal is only part of the eBridge Connections Solution, which is affordable, easy to use  and completely eliminates data entry for all your vital business documents!.”

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