Partner Profile: Shero Designs

Partner Profile: Shero Designs

Monday, June 13, 2016Lauren Macdonald We have some exciting news to announce! We’ve just partnered with Shero Designs, an eCommerce agency based in Hudson Valley, NY. Shero understands how difficult it can be to manage a business in this day and age and is dedicated to providing quality design and development for their customers.

We recently took some time to learn more about Shero Designs and what makes them so unique! Here’s what we found out:

What is your primary focus/speciality, and why?

Shero is a full-service eCommerce agency specialising in Magento and eCommerce solutions. We focus on design, strong front end development and backend development.

We strive to be the one-stop source for established mid-size to big businesses who already sell or are getting started with selling online. We take the time to get to know each of our customers personally and to form solutions that are expertly crafted to help them achieve their unique goals.

How long have you been doing what you’re doing?

Shero Designs was founded in 2010 by Beth and Gentian Shero. Shero has been working on Magento solutions since 2011.

What region(s) do you service?

Our clients are spread throughout North America. Most of our clients are in the United States, but we do have clients in Canada, France, and Japan.

Who are some of your notable clients?

Beauty Plus Salon, Simone Perele, New York Times, Guggenheim Museum

Tell us something interesting about your company that makes you different?

Prompt and professional development and integrations for merchants using Magento. We pride ourselves in Total Quality Service, where we respond to each support inquiry in 15 minutes or less.

Why did you choose to work with eBridge Connections?

We chose to work with eBridge Connections because of the solutions you offer, your solid integrations for affordable prices, as well as the friendly and responsive staff.

Provide a quote on eCommerce, digital marketing, or just what you do overall.

The value we create is at least 3 times the price the client pays.

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