eBridge Connections is headquartered in..." />
Happy 150 Canada

Happy 150 Canada

Friday, June 30, 2017Lindsay Hampson
CDN1.jpgeBridge Connections is headquartered in Canada. 

If you open a Google search for the word Canada, you will find pictures of snow and low-to-medium-grade groomed men wearing red uniforms, and big hats.  Google images will call the white stuff snow, and it will call those guys Mounties.  We call it precipitation, and we call them Greg and Andy.

This scene plays out frequently in cities and towns across our lovely country.  But, Canada is about far more than that.  Visit us and you’ll see.

eBridge Connections is a Canadian business, but we proudly serve the world. 

Our headquarters is on a busy street, close to 27 Tim Hortons’ and 25 Starbucks.  In the summer we could bike from here to beautiful Lake Ontario in 6 minutes flat.  We eBridge’rs hold doors open for each other, and almost everyone says sorry while doing so (for basically no good reason but... Canada).

On this remarkable milestone in our country’s history – Canada’s 150th birthday – I have three words before we each jet off in red and white to shoot fireworks into the sky and yell “Bobby Orr:”

Thank you Canada.  

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