eBridge Connections + Infront Webworks

eBridge Connections + Infront Webworks

Friday, June 23, 2017Lindsay Hampson It’s not enough to have a website.  You must have a great website - a website that converts.  Perhaps more vital in the eCommerce space, website usability and performance must be on point.  Anything less than optimal directly impacts the bottom line. 

Enter our newest partner, Infront Webworks.  

Infront Webworks is a full service agency with offices in Colorado and New Hampshire.  They carry a team of seasoned industry professionals who have extensive experience in web development & online marketing.  

They’ve been “at this” for some 20 years, serving companies and non-profits in the USA.  However, they have several international clients too.  Brands like YMCA Denver, YMCA Boulder, CORHIO – Colorado Regional Health Information Organization, Edukit, GE Johnson Construction, and Denver St Patrick’s Day Parade put their trust (and their website) in Infront’s capable hands.  

Among some of the most urgent challenges faced by a business in today’s market is hybrid application integration.  In other words – figuring out how to link 2 or more important system data together so to eliminate manual data entry.  

You see, once a webstore on a website goes live, new order, customer, tracking and inventory levels data needs to flow quickly into the ERP or back-office accounting application to serve customers accurately and timely.  

“Our customers have ongoing needs to sync data between the various systems they use for ecommerce, CRM, ERP & EDI and eBridge Connections is an elegant solution for that,” says Matthew Palis, CEO at Infront WebWorks.   

The new partnership was made in technology heaven.  And, here is the secret sauce: 
Websites + Marketing + Cloud Services that work = A successful business.  

Welcome Infront! 

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