eCommerce is booming in Boulder, Colorado, and the surrounding area, but which companies are leading the pack and why?

eCommerce is booming in Boulder, Colorado, and the surrounding area, but which companies are leading the pack and why?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017Lauren Macdonald

Boulder, Colorado is known as one of the main ‘bicycling centers’ in the US. This means Boulder, and the surrounding Colorado areas, are home to numerous merchants who sell biking gear, equipment, accessories, and more, both online and in-stores.

But biking equipment isn’t the only driver of Colorado’s immense eCommerce industry. Technology companies and health/wellness companies are growing rapidly as well, and major companies like Gaiam and OtterBox are leading the pack when it comes to putting Boulder, Colorado ‘on the map’ as a key eCommerce player.

How are Colorado-based companies like OtterBox and Gaiam succeeding?

There’s two main ways in which these companies are standing out in the Colorado eCommerce industry:

1)They’re paying attention
These companies are not only rooted in Colorado, but they’re also paying close to attention to the things that health-conscious, outdoorsy, and environmentally-minded Coloradoans care about, and creating products that speak to these consumer interests.

Boulder-based company, Gaiam, is built for “millions of people who are yearning to make positive changes for their health, their communities, and the planet.” For them, having a base in Colorado means being surrounded by communities and people who are deeply committed to environmental stewardship and healthy, active lifestyles.

OtterBox (the fool-proof cellphone case company), knows that everyone wants protection for their phone, and has planted their roots firmly with the outdoor lifestyle Colorado provides, with their product being increasingly popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts.

2)They’re making the most of what eCommerce has to offer
Gaiam knows that eCommerce isn’t just about getting products to a greater number of people. For them, it’s also about spreading an environmental message, as they plant trees through the Conservation Fund as a means of offsetting their carbon emissions from shipping their products.
OtterBox notes that eCommerce is a strategic element of their company’s success, citing it as “the main tool that allows them to give customers choices, and then use those choices to analyze trends and continue their growth trajectory”.

How we recommend that these and other Colorado-based companies can continue to grow and succeed with eCommerce:

One word for you: Integration

With an integrated eCommerce solution, it’s easy to keep up with high order volumes. That’s because you’ll have a fully automated process that will do the ‘heavy-lifting’ for you. Here’s how it all works:

  • A solution provider, like eBridge, will connect your accounting/ERP system (i.e. Sage, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Epicor, SAP, etc.) with your eCommerce store (i.e. Shopify, Magento, Amazon, eBay, ChannelAdvisor, BigCommerce, 3dCart, Miva, etc.).

  • Your orders, inventory, shipping/tracking info, customer data, and more, will be moved, bi-directionally, back and forth between your business systems.

  • This eliminates your need for manual data entry, which reduces the likelihood of mistakes being made, and exponentially speeds up your ability to process orders.

We make eCommerce integration easy.  


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