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Create a seamless customer experience by investing in your technology portfolio

Create a seamless customer experience by investing in your technology portfolio

Thursday, June 22, 2017Lauren Macdonald Flipping through a magazine this morning by Internet Retailer I came across an article by Salesforce that caught my eye about online shoppers and how today, more than ever, they want to be connected and in control.

Shelley Bransten, senior vice president of industry solutions (retail) at Salesforce, says that shopper expectations are at an all-time high and every experience should be seamless, personalized, and convenient, but many retailers are struggling to do that.

“There are highly empowered customers on one side and on the other, there are retailers who are struggling to bring their systems together into an integrated unified platform of intelligent engagement,” says Bransten.

The article goes on to describe how partnering with the right vendors who are investing in technology and innovation can help give retailers the tools and resources they need to implement more unified platforms.

Salesforce is one example of a partner that is constantly driving new shopping experiences for consumers through their investments in technology. Their Marketing Cloud recently allowed Salesforce client, Room & Board, to provide personalized recommendations to its customers through predictive offers delivered via email and on the website. 
Keep track of customers with a Salesforce CRM
The project was a resounding success according to Room & Board’s director of web customer experience, Kimberly Ruthenbeck. “Salesforce lets us take the connection we’re able to easily build in a brick-and-mortar store and apply that same thinking to the digital world,” she raves. “That’s just magic.”

All of this got me thinking about accounting integration and how it helps retailers create a more seamless shopping experience for customers as well. While online shoppers may not see the technology firsthand that accounting integration solution providers offer, they certainly reap the benefits of a merchant selling process that is fast, efficient, and accurate.

Allow me to explain…

Best-in-class accounting integration solution providers invest in technology and hard-working developers to create pre-built connectors that integrate all of the leading accounting and ERP packages with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, CRM applications, shipping software, and EDI trading partners. 
Integrate your eCommerce ERP EDI and Accounting
As a result, they empower merchants and entrepreneurs to improve their selling process by allowing them to seamlessly transfer orders, inventory levels, shipping/tracking information, customer data, and more, back and forth between their important business systems.

For the merchants’ customers this means a seamless shopping experience where their orders are processed accurately, their products are shipped to them quickly, and the entire buying process is an easy and enjoyable experience. For the merchants themselves, this means happy, satisfied, and (most importantly) returning customers who are eager to come back for more!

eBridge makes integraing your eCommerce, ERP, and CRM easy. 

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