These smart, Summer themed retailers are taking advantage of eBridge Connections' pre-built Microsoft Dynamics GP connector to automate data and take back their Summer vacation time

These smart, Summer themed retailers are taking advantage of eBridge Connections' pre-built Microsoft Dynamics GP connector to automate data and take back their Summer vacation time

Thursday, June 21, 2018Lauren Macdonald

Often people think of the Holiday season as the busiest time for retailers, and in a lot of cases, that can certainly be true! But other retailers who sell things like barbeques, hiking equipment, hunting/camping/fishing gear, bicycles, sunscreen/tanning lotions, etc., find that the Summer months are actually when they experience their biggest peak in sales.

The problem these companies and their employees often face is that manual data entry can take away from their hard-earned vacation time. Who wants to waste away the beautiful weather while being stuck inside manually entering orders, inventory, shipping/tracking details, product data, and customer information back and forth between applications? Likely no one.

That’s why more and more retailers are trusting eBridge Connections’ integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to move the data on their behalf. Here’s a few examples of merchants that have taken their Summers back thanks to data automation:

Microsoft Dynamics and eCommerce integration

Char-Griller seamlessly flows orders, shipping, inventory, and pricing information between their online Shopify sales, and their back-office Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

“Life at Char-Griller is better now with eBridge integration,” says Nick Williams, Web Development and Content Marketing Manager at Char-Griller.

eBridge is happy to support companies like Char-Griller in their busy season, and year-round, so that folks like Nick can get back to grilling for their friends and family and spend less time worrying about order data.

 Sync and integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP CRM
Rad Power Bikes

Rather than skip out on the pool to manually input orders, inventory, shipping information, etc., between their Shopify Plus store and their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system, Rad Power Bikes knew that their accounting team would benefit from an integration solution that could automate their data flow and maximize efficiency.
eBridge Connections pre-built connectors for Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics GP were just what Rad Power Bikes needed in order to shift gears and eliminate manual data entry.

eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP sync

Sun Bum

Sun Bum’s collection of sunscreens and tanning lotions are of no use to their employees if they’re stuck indoors keying sales data from their BigCommerce store into their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system. Sun Bum knows this, and so does eBridge Connections, which is why they decided to team up in order to rid Sun Bum employees of their data entry headaches.

Now with integration in place, the future is bright for Sun Bum as they can scale and grow with ease.

eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP integration and sync by eBridge  

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises

A BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP integration solution was just what Jordan Outdoor Enterprises needed for their Realtree brand of hunting and fishing gear.

Now, their busy season is a breeze and the arrival of Summer no longer brings with it the fear that online orders will become unmanageable for employees.

eBridge integration provides Jordan Outdoor Enterprise employees with a solution that creates efficiency and eliminates costly data entry errors at a fraction of the cost of hiring a salaried employee to keep up with order data.

If you want to join the likes of the retailers mentioned above and save your own employees some time this summer, start planning your integration solution now using this free integration project planning workbook:

 eCommerce and ERP sync and integration workbook

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