Why BigCommerce Might Be The Right eCommerce Platform For You

Why BigCommerce Might Be The Right eCommerce Platform For You

Monday, June 24, 2019Eric Zegarski

Here's Why BigCommerce Might Be The Right eCommerce Platform For You

Launching your very own eCommerce site can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Whether you’re an eBay + Amazon vendor looking to branch out, or someone completely new to eCommerce, BigCommerce might be the right eCommerce platform for you. We’re not saying that BigCommerce is better than the other guys (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce). Our goal is to highlight several features that you as a merchant might find appealing. When it comes down to choosing your eCommerce platform, you should make your decision based on what platform fits the needs of your business best. Here are a few key features that you might find appealing about BigCommerce:


Free Trail and Tiered Pricing

BigCommerce allows you to get familiar with their platform via a 15-day trial period. This period is a perfect opportunity to get accustom to the BigCommerce dashboard and design tools. You’ll have plenty of time to play around with different templates and find the right one for your product/brand. In addition, BigCommerce has tiered pricing based off your store’s annual revenue. If you’re just starting out, then your monthly price is only $29.99 USD as long as your annual revenue is under 40K. Learn more about BigCommerce’s pricing structure.


Bring Your Own Payment Gateway

If you’re already using payment processor like Square or Stripe, then you’re in luck. BigCommerce allows you to bring your own payment processor. This means that you are not boxed in and forced to use their payment gateway solution. In addition, there are no extra fees paid to BigCommerce for using one of these processors. For example, if you already sell on Amazon, then you can use Amazon pay on your BigCommerce site. Learn more about BigCommerce’s payment gateway options.


24/7 Support, Knowledge Base, and Community Chat

When it comes to you succeeding as a merchant BigCommerce has your back. They have an established support network to address merchant enquires 24/. In addition, to live support they have resources you can access anytime online. One of these resources is their Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base has large amounts of user docs, guides, videos, and developer document. These are created internally by BigCommerce to ensure you have access to resources that will help you succeed. Furthermore, BigCommerce has a chart room style message board where merchants can post questions for other merchants to help them out. Learn more about BigCommerce’s support and merchant success resources.


Built-in Analytics, Design Tools and Solutions

BigCommerce makes it easy to manage and run your business. You don’t need to be a finance wiz or a veteran coder to get your site up and running. BigCommerce has a simple analytics dashboard that lets you view key statistics like your store’s traffic, sales, and products sold to name a few. There are also customer related dashboards which let you look at a specific customers account and view their entire shopping history.


With the use of templates and apps, BigCommerce allows you to craft the perfect eCommerce site for your product or brand. Templates allow you to get a shop up and running without any coding or design knowledge. In addition to easy design tools, their vast catalogue of apps allows you to easily add features such as loyalty points and subscriptions to your site. BigCommerce even has numerous shipping and fulfillment solutions to help you fulfill orders faster.


Large Partner Network

If you would rather leave it to the pros, then BigCommerce has a large partner network you can access. These BigCommerce partners can help you with everything from marketing services like paid social advertising, to ensuring that your store is set up for success. BigCommerce has over 4000 partners in their network. They have a useful search tool that allows you to scope out the right partner for your needs. In addition, each partner has a review section where merchants who have had the pleasure of working with them in the past can leave their honest feedback.


Unlimited Growth Potential with Omni-Channel Commerce

BigCommerce is designed to grow with your business. As mentioned above, BigCommerce allows you to bring your own payment systems. Therefore, it won't interrupt your current operations if you're selling in person via sqaure or online on Amazon. BigCommerce also integrates with eBay and Amazon, allowing you to be everywhere your customers hop. In addition, BigCommerce makes it easy to promote and sell your products on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about BigCommerce’s omni-channel commerce capabilities.


Supercharge Your BigCommerce Store with Integration

Integrating your BigCommerce site with your ERP will eliminate your need for manual data entry. When your orders start piling up, you can rest assured that your inventory levels and fulfillment information will automatically be updated. In addition, it will free up your time so you can do what you do best when it comes to running your business.


eBridge Connection’s iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution is universal. That means we can connect all leading eCommerce platforms, ERP solutions and retail EDI trading partners. We have a pre-built connector for BigCommerce and as a result, we can launch a BigCommerce integration in a timely manner. Furthermore, our platform is hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. This ensures a guaranteed 99.99% uptime and world class security.

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