eCommerce Store Redesign - Design Trends to Consider This Spring

eCommerce Store Redesign - Design Trends to Consider This Spring

Thursday, March 24, 2016Kelly Nelson

Treding eCommerce Store Design Features

Spring is a great time for a change. With the grass growing green, and flowers starting to bloom. It truly is a beautiful time of year. You want to make sure your eCommerce site reflects the positive change of the season. With that being said, you have decided to bring about a new design for your eCommerce store. It’s time for a change and this year is your year for it! Here are some key design trends to consider including.

1. The long scroll

Gone are the days of fitting everything above the fold. This is nothing new. 2015 and 2016 are still all about the scrolling. Users expect to be scrolling down the page to get to what they need. It leads to a cleaner, more streamlined design. No more crowding and this provides more room for something on one page so your user doesn’t have to click from page to page as often. This is great for eCommerce sites because it allows for all your products in one category to be on the same page. You have less of a chance to lose your customer because they need to click away.

2. Hero Image

Hero image is just another way of saying main header image. It’s the image that delivers a message and it’s the first one that your user will see when visiting your site. This image needs to be powerful and it needs to hit hard. Vision is the most important sense to target with a new site, and this is the best way to do it. For eCommerce sites, this provides a great opportunity to discuss promotions, deals and an email sign up. This is a big opportunity to take advantage of during an eCommerce redesign.

3. Galleries and Slideshows

This is a great way to showcase a lot of your product without overwhelming your user too much. It provides them with the choice if they want to go through it or move on to another page. Although it goes without saying, this is excellent for eCommerce sites because you can use these specifically for your product pages.

4. Image animation

Image animation is key to really demonstrating the quality behind your products. This gives the user a very well rounded, almost 3D, view of the product you are selling. It’s about as close to real life they can get before purchasing it online. For eCommerce merchants, this is certainly something to consider when conducting a site redesign. Here is an example of the animations on Bugaboo Strollers.

5. Mobile responsiveness

Ok, this really shouldn’t have made the list after the 2015 Mobilegeddon, but unfortunately, this still needs to be touched on. If your eCommerce site is not responsive for smart phones and tablets, it’s time to really look at this. If you are not responsive, then you should be considering this trend a priority to the other ones.

6. Hidden Navigations

In the last year or so these navigations have become increasingly popular. Not only are they more visually appealing with a more simplistic look (which is popular), they save a lot more space.
Still thinking of a redesign? Have you considered these trends already? Let us know in the comments below.
Stay tuned for part two coming up! We’ll be discussing agency relationships and how to build a good one during a site redesign.

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