We're excited about Commerce Cloud by Salesforce and here's why you should be too!

We're excited about Commerce Cloud by Salesforce and here's why you should be too!

Monday, March 13, 2017Lauren Macdonald Salesforce has recently taken over Demandware and created Commerce Cloud, a unified commerce solution that ensures retailers can offer a smooth, personalized shopping experience both in-store and online for their customers.

With Commerce Cloud, merchants can:
  • Manage every aspect of digital commerce using integrated solutions for commerce, point of sale, order management, fulfillment, and more.
  • Speed up their operations thanks to faster technologies on the cloud.
  • Connect the entire shopping journey for their customers by integrating retail operations with the world’s #1 CRM solution.
  • Innovate and scale with confidence while easily staying ahead of consumer expectations and drive innovation with a trusted and proven platform.
There are two comprehensive commerce solutions associated with Commerce Cloud:
  1. Commerce Cloud Digital—allows retailers to create and coordinate digital experiences and transactions for customers across all digital channels (web, mobile, social, etc.) creating better customer engagement and revenue streams.
  2. Commerce Cloud Store—a mobile-first POS and store operations solution that empowers retailers to deliver a modern shopping experience while boosting efficiency and serving customers better.
At eBridge Connections, we’re excited about the opportunities Commerce Cloud will provide retailers all over the globe. So much so, that our developers are currently hard at work building an integration solution of our own for Commerce Cloud users. Our solution will allow them to connect their accounting/ERP application with Commerce Cloud in order to automate data flow and eliminate manual data entry between systems.
Why are we doing this?
We share Salesforce’s belief that a unified commerce system delivers better consumer experiences and bottom lines.

We want to help retailers achieve a unified system by connecting their business systems regardless of the accounting package they have and the variety of platforms they use to sell in-store and online. Our universal integrator allows us to connect them all, and we’re happy to soon be adding Commerce Cloud to our ever-growing list of capabilities.

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