The #1 User Preferred Universal iPaaS for WooCommerce

The #1 User Preferred Universal iPaaS for WooCommerce

Wednesday, March 24, 2021Eric Zegarski

Meet the #1 User Preferred Universal iPaaS for WooCommerce 

eBridge Connections is a vendor of a universal iPaaS solution for WooCommerce merchants. What makes eBridge’s iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) so unique is that it leverages its extensive library of connectors. These connectors make it simple to integrate your WooCommerce store with your ERP/accounting package.   

eBridge Connections has pre-build connectors for popular ERP solutions like:  

Discover if the eBridge iPaaS is Right for Your WooCommerce Store   

Our iPaaS is engineered to make your life as a WooCommerce merchant easy. It does all the heavy data lifting so you don’t have to. If you’re a WooCommerce user and can cross any of the following off, then eBridge is right for you:    
  • Processing more than 200 orders a month manually.   
  • Have a backlog of data to process during the traditional 9 to 5 workday.   
  • Slow and inefficient fulfillment and shipping process.   
  • Order missed or picked wrong.    
  • Inaccurate inventory levels leading to stockouts.   
  • Trying to juggle orders from other channels like Amazon, marketplaces like Walmart, or direct retail.
  • Focused on data management and entry rather than tasks that will grow your business.    


How Our iPaaS Benefits WooCommerce Merchants    

Using an iPaaS like eBridge is an investment in your business. You’re investing in improving your organization’s productivity, eliminating errors, and improving your customer service. Here are just a few benefits of using an iPaaS to connect your WooCommerce store with your back-office ERP/accounting solution:    

  • Eliminate manual and duplicate entry: Integration of eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce with ERP systems.    
  • Improve speed of data exchange: By eliminating the time-consuming manual data entry process, the eBridge Connections integration platform greatly increases the speed of information exchange, resulting in improved customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction.    
  • Improve data accuracy: Each time data is manually entered into a system, there is the chance of errors being introduced. Data passes through a validation layer, resulting in a decrease in costly errors and chargebacks.    
  • Streamline business processes: eCommerce integration will help to create an efficient workflow between departments and functionalities in your organization. An integrated flow of data will provide you with the insight you need to make strong decisions that align with your business strategy and objectives.    
  • Liberate valuable resources: Focus your resources on other high priority work, instead of tedious manual data entry to and from your ERP system. An eCommerce integration solution will automatically schedule and process data without human intervention.   

In addition, there are departmental benefits for divisions like marketing, operations, sales, and finance that stem from using an iPaaS like eBridge to integrate your WooCommerce store.    

What a multi-channel WooCommerce Integration powered by eBridge's iPaaS looks like:  


What Merchants are Saying About Our iPaaS for WooCommerce 

eBridge Connections prides itself on not only having a world class iPaaS, but also providing its customers with white glove service during the onboarding process. eBridge ensures that post implementation, users our iPaaS have access to the resources they need and support from our staff. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say:   

“Our company has worked with eBridge on more than one occasion and each time, they have been really helpful. eBridge helped us to automatically transfer online orders from our webstore into our ERP system. They were able to customize the code so that the orders translated correctly, the way we want to see them in our system. They are also super nice to work with.”    

-Jen N   

“I use the eBridge portal on a daily basis Monday - Friday. I deal with many different Canadian & American Retailers through their portal. Everything runs smoothly 99% of the time. For the odd 1% issue I contact eBridge and their Support Service helps solve my issue in a timely and professional manner.”    

-Sonia N     

"We used eBridge to automate the integration of our fulfilled Shopify orders into Great Plains. eBridge completed the integration in less time than we expected and even did some customization for us. We have over 4000 fulfilled orders each month, and this integration will save us countless man-hours and improve our ability to analyze sales and cost of sales by sku. Thank you eBridge for your excellent service!" 

-Greg D 

We’ve Helped Many Merchants Integrate Their WooCommerce Store With our iPaaS  

Our goal is simple, help you streamline your commerce operations. We’ve helped merchants across the globe of all shapes and sizes connect their WooCommerce store with their ERP. Below you’ll find their success stories:   

Fresh Hemp Foods 
Their passion for hemp foods is rooted in Founder Mike Fata’s personal weight transformation. Hemp offers protein, good fats, and fiber – all nutrients a healthy body needs! Since hemp foods played such an essential role in Mike’s health transformation, he wanted everyone to be able to try them. While creating a new CBD online store, they decided that they could no longer enter online orders manually into their ERP, Sage 300. Getting ShipTo, Contact, Shipment, correctly was too risky to do via a human. And, it was slow. So, they looked for an integration solution. Discover how eBridge’s iPaaS was able to streamline Fresh Hemp’s WooCommerce data flow.  

Blello Mattress  
In order to work with the manufacturer of their choosing, Blello Mattress needed help setting up EDI so that they could exchange invoices and other standard business documents with the manufacturing company that would handle the fulfillment of their mattresses. They also needed to automate order information when purchases were made online through their WooCommerce store. Rather than manually enter orders, inventory, shipping information, etc., between WooCommerce and their SAP Business One back-office system, they integrated their systems with eBridge’s iPaaS. Learn more about how Blello was able to leverage eBridge’s iPaaS for WooCommerce

CB Distributors  
Microsoft Dynamics GP and WooCommerce are great platforms by design, however, both are created in their own silos and neither will communicate with the other effectively without an integration solution in place. This type of solution is exactly what the folks at CB Distributors Inc. needed. It was imperative to their business process that they find a way to automate the flow of data from each of their WooCommerce stores to their back-office Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP application. Explore how eBridge’s iPaaS helped CB manage their WooCommerce data.  


Meet eBridge’s iPaaS Solution for WooCommerce  

eBridge Connections is a vendor of a universal iPaaS. eBridge’s iPaaS is for high volume merchants who are looking to integrate their WooCommerce eCommerce, other marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart), ERP/accounting systems, and EDI trading partners. Leveraging our pre-built connectors for major ERP/accounting solutions, eBridge can implement an integration with your WooCommerce store in a speedy manner. In addition, our pre-built connectors limit the reliance on added dev work.   

eBridge is hosted on Microsoft Azure, therefore ensuring an almost 99.9% uptime and industry leading security. With an integration solution from eBridge, you can ensure that your commerce network is connected and communicating data bi-directionally.

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