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It should come as no surprise to anyone that eCommerce is growing rapidly across the world. It is fiercely competing with brick and mortar stores for consumer share of wallet and changing how products can be bought and sold. If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably jumped into the world of eCommerce or planning to do so soon. Need some additional inspiration to stake your claim in this frontier? Here are some of our favourite quotes from the experts:

Tolman Geffs “People don’t call it ecommerce anymore. It’s called omni-commerce, and it’s the idea that digital permeates every step of the purchase chain from product discovery to trial to pricing to actual purchase”– Tolman Geffs, Co-President of the Jordan Edmiston Group (JEGI)
Jason Goldberg “In the beginning, eCommerce was really about getting commodity products online as cheaply as possible. Now, we’re moving into the more exciting phase of eCommerce, where it’s about emotional products – the things people really cherish.”– Jason Goldberg, Founder and CEO of
Bill Gates “How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or loose.”– Bill Gates, Founder and Former CEO of Microsoft
Cushla Sherlock “The eCommerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore.”– Cushla Sherlock, Corporate Communications, Credit Suisse
Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper “By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.”– Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, Co-CEO’s of Bigcommerce
Jeff Bezos “If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that, word of mouth is very powerful.”– Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
Hil Davis “eCommerce and mobile commerce have dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases on the fly while avoiding the hassles of going to the store.”– Hil Davis, Co-Founder of the Online Men’s Retailer J. Hilburn

Did any of these speak to you specifically? What are some good ones that you’ve heard? Feel free to share some of your favourites in the comments.

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