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At eBridge Connections, we are constantly working towards improving our products. Like any technology company, we are constantly evolving through customer feedback, ongoing maintenance and product development.

Over the past month, we’ve released the following product updates:


Connector Update Customer Impact
Shopify and Mozu Launched new applications Both applications introduce the eBridge Connections integration platform to merchants by automating the retrieval of orders from their storefront and bringing them into ePortal, our web-based application for data management.
Magento Custom functions can be called during inbound shipment creation Using a Magento application that calls custom functions while creating shipments? We can call custom functions that handle simple data types during shipment processing.
Volusion Efficiency upgrades to the connector Near real-time time document processing for documents being sent to Volusion


Connector Update Customer Impact
Microsoft Dynamics GP Outbound shipment component has been enhanced to retrieve documents by specified ship date on invoices GP users who currently export outbound shipments can now retrieve specific documents by ship date.
Microsoft Dynamics RMS Outbound product update component RMS Users who need to export product data
NetSuite NetSuite inbound orders can now handle promotional codes NetSuite users who use the promotions module can now track promotion codes through integration
NetSuite Outbound ASN component to export Netsuite packed item fulfilments NetSuite Users who do EDI document processing can export packed item fulfilments for Advance Shipment Notice (856) processing
NetSuite Outbound purchase orders component NetSuite Users who send Purchase Orders can now export data


Connector Update Customer Impact
SalesForce Our Salesforce connector can now map data to custom objects  

eBridge Updates

Product Update Customer Impact
eBridge on the Cloud Flat file order create Clients who need to integrate their eCommerce or EDI partner documents as a flat file (for example: comma-separated file)
eBridge on the Cloud Flat file invoice export Clients who have data as a flat file (for example: comma-separated file) that they want to send to eCommerce or EDI partners
eBridge on the Cloud Label printing allows for multiple labels per file EOTC clients who print EDI labels can now save multiple labels to a single pdf file

Don’t forget to check back for more updates later. We’re always working on ways to help streamline and simplify your business processes.

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