BigCommerce Makes Omni-Channel Commerce Easy

BigCommerce Makes Omni-Channel Commerce Easy

Wednesday, May 15, 2019Eric Zegarski

Discover How BigCommerce makes Omni-Channel Commerce a Possibility

Omni-channel means selling where your customer is. BigCommerce’s eCommerce solution makes it possible to grow your omni-channel strategy. With BigCommerce, you can sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, in person, and on social media. Let’s examine how BigCommerce can grow your omni-channel strategy.

Online Marketplaces – Amazon and eBay

BigCommerce makes it easy to sell on Amazon and eBay. The eCommerce platform allows you to integrate your BigCommerce shop with Amazon and eBay, allowing you to expand your online omni-channel strategy. This means you can automatically update product listings and have a centralized inventory management system. Since BigCommerce has native integration for eBay, you can set up your listings in minutes. Any product changes you make in BigCommerce will carry over into eBay. In addition, the Amazon integration allows you to offer Amazon pay as an option on your own Big Commerce site to speed up the checkout process.


Sell in Person Via Square

Square is a powerful payment processing tool that allows you to grow your omni-channel offline. They offer everything from full POS terminal solutions, to payment processing hardware and software that allows you to sell using your mobile device. In addition, setup only takes minutes and all sales update your inventory in your BigCommerce portal. As a bonus, you can use Square as your dedicated payment processor for your online BigCommerce shop as well. Furthermore, you can even offer shoppers the ability to buy online and pay instore.


Sell and Promote on Social Media – Facebook and Instagram

With BigCommerce, selling on social media is simple. BigCommerce lets you connect your eCommerce website’s catalog with Facebook and Instagram. This way you can reach your customers where they already spend their time and grow your omni-channel. With the BigCommerce integration, it only takes a few clicks to start selling your products on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, through dynamic advertising BigCommerce makes it easy to launch product friendly advertisements. Their ad extension lets you create targeted ads from your product catalog to find new shoppers, increase sales, and build lasting customer relationships on Facebook and Instagram. BigCommerce even allows you to supercharge your organic content on Instagram by enabling you to tag up to five products to be featured in any post. This feature is functionable in both Instagram posts and stories.


What About Big Retail?

An omni-channel strategy may also involve selling at retail locations such as Walmart, Target, or Costco. In order to trade with the big guys, you must be EDI compliant. New to EDI? Check out our Fresh Guide to EDI. eBridge allows you to bring your omni-channel commerce network together. Our iPaaS solution bridges your eCommerce, ERP and EDI trading partners together. This means no more manual data entry for you and instantaneous information processing between your systems. Just think about all the time you will save and what you can allocate it to!

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