SAP's Business One Sales App Makes it Easy to Manage Your Business & Sell More

SAP's Business One Sales App Makes it Easy to Manage Your Business & Sell More

Monday, May 13, 2019Eric Zegarski

Supercharge Your Sales With the SAP Business One  Sales App 

A productive sales team is a sales team that delivers results. With today’s digital age, more and more desktop applications now have mobile application counterparts. Not too long ago, these mobile apps were limited to functionality in comparison to their desktop versions. When it comes to SAP’s Business One App, that is not the case. SAP took their robust and reliable Business One platform and made it accessible via an app that can be downloaded in the Apple Store or Google Play. When they created this app, SAP kept one thing in mind, make sales teams more productive. Let’s look at some key features of the Business One app that enable sales to sell more on the go.

Teams on the go can now:
  • Manage sales leads
  • View and update customer accounts
  • View real time stock updates
  • Place orders on the go
  • Access reports and analytics
How Sales Are Empowered with the SAP Business One App
View KIPs and Sales Reports
Without access to analytics, it’s hard to make data driven decisions on the fly. With the SAP Business One app, users can now view key sales performance metrics on the go. As an example, they can now see statistics such as who the top 5 customers are and the bestselling products. In addition, they can look at order values and see the current state of the potential sales pipeline is.
Manage Sale Opportunities
The SAP Business One app makes it easy to manage sales opportunities on the go. Gone are the days when sales had to input data on their laptops between meetings. The Business One app enables sales to create new opportunities and update their pipeline status. In addition, they can view existing leads based on their industry or activity.
Manage Existing Customer Accounts
Ongoing and repeat sales are the foundation a scaling business is built on. SAP made it easy to manage existing accounts in the Business One app. Users of the app can add new customer accounts to the ERP. In addition, they can sort customer accounts based on their order values, purchase frequency, or their account balance. Plus, they can easily manage larger accounts by having the ability give them special pricing or attach important documents to their profile.
Manage Day to Day Activity
The key to managing sales prospects and ongoing sales is proper day to day account management. It’s one of those tedious tasks that everyone wants to fly through and get done with. The Business One app makes managing day to day activity easy. Users can easily add new appointments to their calendars. They can easily create document folders and access shareable links they can share via email on the go. In addition, the SAP Business One app makes it easy to create new sales opportunities, quotes, and orders.
Check and Manage Stock Levels
Real time access to stock levels enables sales to sell and quote more accurately on the fly. With real time access via the SAP Business One app, sock out risks will be at an all-time low. The app lets you view real time inventory statistics. In addition, it allows you to view stock levels per specific warehouse.
Manage Orders
The SAP Business One app makes it easy to manage orders post purchase. Easy access to order information ensures sales can double check all order details and change them on the go if required. The app allows the user to search for, create, and cancel orders. If required, you can update existing orders with new information. Users can even sort related order documents by name, number, or delivery date.

SAP Business One Makes Managing Your Business Easy

With the SAP Business One app, you can remain productive no matter where you are. Now you can leverage your SAP ERP’s features on your mobile device. In addition, we can help you supercharge your Business One ERP by integrating it with your eCommerce site and retail EDI.

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