eBridge Connections Is Now Proudly A CommerceHub Partner

eBridge Connections Is Now Proudly A CommerceHub Partner

Wednesday, May 22, 2019Lindsay Hampson The strategic partnership enables suppliers and brands to set up automated data flows between CommerceHub and their ERP or accounting system.

CommerceHub is a leading provider of cloud-based ecommerce fulfillment and marketplace solutions for more than 12,000 retailers, consumer brands and their suppliers. With their robust platform and proven scalability, CommerceHub helped the world’s leading retailers and brands including Walmart, Best Buy, Staples and more, achieve an estimated $20 billion in Gross Merchandise Value in 2018.

With the eBridge Integration Platform, automation between CommerceHub and the ERP saves manual efforts and streamlines business processes to:
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Avoid costly errors, such as wrong quantity, address or price
  • Reduce administrative costs, freeing up valuable resources
  • Improve retailer and customer satisfaction by processing orders correctly and on time
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