Shopify AMA (Ask Me Anything) - SeaMonster Studios: Your Shopify Questions Answered by the Experts

Shopify AMA (Ask Me Anything) - SeaMonster Studios: Your Shopify Questions Answered by the Experts

Monday, May 3, 2021Eric Zegarski

Shopify AMA (Ask Me Anything) - Your Questions About Shopify Answered by the Experts at SeaMonster Studios 

Join us and our agency partners SeaMonster Studios as we answer your pressing questions about Shopify

Meet SeaMonster Studios: Shopify Experts Out of Seattle 

SeaMonster Studios are more than a Shopify Partners, they're Shopify Experts. Shopify has vetted SeaMonster Studios as an agency that has proven to have comprehensive & authoritative knowledge of the Shopify platform. They are among an elite group of agencies that provide an extra layer of value-added services that help Shopify merchants succeed with eCommerce.

SeaMonster Studios are a friendly, full-service digital agency offering data-driven strategy, design, and development for your brand. SeaMonster Studios delivers eye-popping design, development, and forward thinking brand strategy. They're not really monsters... just friendly inquisitive folks who live, breathe, and sleep design, technology, and strategy to create and drive meaningful brand experiences.

Meet eBridge Connections: Universal iPaaS Vendor

eBridge Connections is a universal iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) vendor. For more than 25 years they have helped merchants unify their commerce systems. eBridge's iPaaS is trusted by 100s of Shopify merchants to enable automatic, bi-directional data flow between their Shopify store(s) and their back office ERP/Accounting systems. 

We discuss the following related to Shopify and eCommerce: 
  • How to get started with Shopify 
  • An overview of different Shopify plans
  • Shopify vs other solutions like SquareSpace or WooCommerce 
  • When does it make sense to upgrade to Shopify Plus  
  • Unique features of Shopify Plus 
  • The overall impact the pandemic has had on eCommerce 
  • The importance of building backlinks for SEO 
  • Best ways of driving product reviews  
  • Best practices when it comes to product photography 
  • Best shipping solutions for Shopify - ShipStation
  • When does it make sense to add a Shopify store when you’re already seeing success on Amazon  
  • When you should start working with an agency and the benefits of working with one 

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Meet Our Shopify Experts

Wes - CEO - SeaMonster Studios
Wes is the founder and CEO of SeaMonster Studios. He's spent 15 years building a business with equal focus on service, performance, and solid design strategy. Aside from his daily responsibilities as the lead creative director and head of client services, Wes captains the ship by contributing heavily to the vision, focus, and forward momentum of all projects.

Eric - Digital Marketing Manager - eBridge Connections
Eric is the Digital Marketing Manager for eBridge Connections. Eric has had the privilege of working on both the merchant and tech solution side in the eCommerce space. He has also consulted for multiple eCommerce businesses and was a panelist and presenter at a Shopify Meetup event at Shopify's Plus office. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.

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