eBridge Sustainability Initiative: Become a Verified Participant

eBridge Sustainability Initiative: Become a Verified Participant

Thursday, May 13, 2021Eric Zegarski

Learn more about eBridge’s Commitment to Helping Businesses Operate in a More Environmentally Friendly Manner 

Going green isn’t easy for many businesses as it requires them to adapt process changes throughout their organization. We at eBridge Connections believe that it should be easy for your business to be environmentally conscious without disrupting your productivity.  

With an integrated commerce network powered by eBridge’s universal iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) not only will your company become more environmentally friendly, but you’ll also experience increase in productivity and lower operational costs. Our iPaaS supports leading eCommerce platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce), marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart), accounting/ERP solutions (Microsoft, Sage, SAP, NetSuite, Intuit QuickBooks), and EDI trading partners

Utilizing our iPaaS eliminates the need to physically print vital business data for it to be processed or shared with other departments. With eBridge, your commerce data is automatically processed between business systems bi-directionally. 

Our mission to do our part for the environment came in 2020 when we launched our green initiative. We set out to plant a tree through #teamtrees for every workflow we sold. We were inspired to undertake this initiative after the CEO and Founder of Shopify, Tobias Lütke donated 1 000 001 trees to celebrate their 1 millionth merchant in order to outshine Elon Musk’s donation of 1 million trees. When environmentally conscious tech magnates compete, good things happen.  During 2020 we were able to plant thousands of trees. Now we are doubling down on our commitment to sustainable business practices.  


The Environmental Impact of Printing Consumables 

In addition to consuming natural resources like trees and water, Co2 emissions play huge part in harming our environment. Production of paper and other printing consumables produces CO2 emissions.  
  • A single sheet of paper produces roughly .0092 lbs of CO2.  
  • 500 sheets produce 4.59 lbs of CO2. There are approx. 8333 sheets of paper produced in a single tree.  
  • A standard office ink cartridge can print approx. 5000 pages with 4 paragraphs per page.  
  • Manufacturing just one single toner cartridge emits around 4.8kg (10.58 lbs) CO2 per cartridge.  
  • A cartridge that yields 5000 pages holds 200 grams of toner, which means that the CO2 emission per cartridge is 3.2 kg (7.05 lbs) for the toner.  

These office consumables contribute to our consumption of natural resources and the production of CO2 emissions.  


Environmental Impact of a High-Volume eCommerce Business  

High volume businesses like yours consume these resources on the daily. Let’s assume you generate 2 million dollars in sales and your average order value is $75. That means on average, you process 26 666 orders a year or 73 orders daily. Furthermore, let’s assume in order to fulfill a purchase, in addition to the packing slip the order needs to be printed twice, once for the packing team and again for finance/accounting.  

Below is a breakdown of the environmental impact a 2-million-dollar business @ 26 666 orders a year:
  • Documents printed = 53 332  
  • Reams of paper consumed = 106 
  • Cartridge of toner used = 10.3 
  • Trees consumed = 6.4  

CO2 produced due to consumption of resources:  
  • Paper = 486.54 lbs 
  • Cartridge & toner= 108.97 lbs , 72.61 lbs 
  • Total CO2 emissions = 668.12 lbs  

eBridge will continue to make their commitment to make the planet a little bit greener for everyone. We are committed to planting a tree for every workflow we sell indefinitely. Some simple math will allow you to calculate how many trees and CO2 your current paper driven commerce ecosystem produces. We’ve made some simple formulas for you to calculate your current environmental impact.  

Reams (500 sheets) of paper consumed:  

# of documents printed per order (x) average annual orders (/) 500 = # of paper sheets used 

Trees consumed:  

# of documents printed per order (x) average annual orders (/) 8333 = # of trees consumed 

Cartridges of toner used:  

# of documents printed per order (/) average documents printed per cartridge = # cartridges used 

CO2 produced due to paper production:  

Number of reems consumed (x) 4.59 lbs = Paper CO2 

CO2 produced due to printing:  

# of cartridges used (x) 10.58 lbs = Cartridge CO2 

# of cartridges used (x) 7.05 lbs = Ink CO2 

Total CO2 consumed  

Paper CO2 + Cartridge CO2 + Ink CO2 = total CO2 

*If your printer cartridge has a different capacity, using some simple math, 1000 sheets require 40g of toner. Per 40g of toner, 1.41 lbs of CO2 is produced.  

Together We Can Make a Positive Impact 

In addition, all customers will have the privilege of displaying the badge below to showcase that they’re a part of our mission to preserve trees, reduce paper consumption and limit CO2 emissions. Regardless of you being team Shopify vs team BigCommerce or team Sage vs Microsoft, together we can make a positive impact on the environment.   

eBridge is committed to making the world a better place for everyone. With our sustainability imitative, we plant one tree for every workflow we sell. Using our universal iPaaS limits your reliance on natural resources, decreases your participation in contributing to CO2 emissions, and prevents non-replenishable consumables from clogging our landfills. Together we can do our part to make our planet a little bit greener.  


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