Did you miss IWD Agency's Online Selling Science Fair submission?

Did you miss IWD Agency's Online Selling Science Fair submission?

Thursday, November 2, 2017Lauren Macdonald IWD Agency graciously participated in our Online Selling Science Fair back in September! To thank them for being an exhibitor, we’d like to share their video submission one more time for anyone who missed it or would like to watch again!

We also thought we’d take this opportunity to rattle off a few things we absolutely love about IWD Agency and our partnership with them:
  • They allow us to offer our Magento clients expert help and advice!
  • They’ll distinguish your brand from your competitors and help you increase revenue with a professionally designed Magento website.
  • They’ll fully optimize your website for efficiency and durability.
  • They offer quality Magento websites, but also quality Magento extensions that will increase productivity and revenue!
  • They can amplify your online success with an online marketing campaign that will generate leads and revenue for your brand.
  • They’ll continuously monitor your site and offer support. They’ll even make site improvements as they see necessary.
  • They’ll help you increase customer support with a leading Point of Sale System for Magento so that you can swiftly manage accounts and process orders on the go.
If you missed their fantastic Online Selling Science Fair video, you can watch it now here:

Want to learn more? Visit:
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