Become an ERP master | Creating invoices in NetSuite

Become an ERP master | Creating invoices in NetSuite

Monday, November 5, 2018Lindsay Hampson

Lessons from technical ERP integration experts

eCommerce to ERP integration is all about moving manual tasks out of the merchant or brand’s way. 

In the weeds on sales fulfillment in NetSuite

We have a merchant that fulfills sales orders outside of NetSuite but uses NetSuite for their financial reporting. 

Instead of creating a new Sales Order every time there is a new order, it makes sense to simplify the processing of an order within NetSuite. We made their integration flow 'create an Invoice' instead of 'create a Sales Order.'

Easy, simple and smart.

Create manual invoices using NetSuite ERP

What merchants normally do

The process typically is to create a Sales Order.  Then the user creates an “Item Fulfillment” for the order and does the picking and packing.  They then ship it and close the item fulfillment which generates an Invoice.  

Why this new feature saves merchants time

So by creating the Invoices for those that fulfill outside of their ERP, we skip the entire manual process if their orders are being shipped outside of NetSuite such as Amazon FBA.

Hope this was helpful! 

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