Grow Your Business With eBridge's API: Develop an Integration to Your Tech Platform

Grow Your Business With eBridge's API: Develop an Integration to Your Tech Platform

Wednesday, November 4, 2020Eric Zegarski

Tech Companies: Connect Our Solution to the Most Popular ERP, Accounting Systems, eCommerce Platforms, Marketplaces, POS Solutions and more   

We often get asked, “Does eBridge have an open API for ecosystem developers?” The swift answer is, “yes!” Meet eBridge Connections’ open API. It enables ecosystem developers to build their own connectors through our public web services.   

eBridge Open API Web Services  

eBridge has an API development kit for third–party and independent software developers around the world. By making previously proprietary data services available, web developers have the ability to integrate their custom eCommerce platforms or any other proprietary web-based system with eBridge’s powerful cloud-based integration solution. This is in addition to hundreds of pre-existing connectors. eBridge has connectors for eCommerce shopping carts (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce), marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart), CRM applications (Salesforce), and hundreds of EDI trading partners. Users are able to integrate data into over 40 back-office accounting and ERP systems (SAP, Intuit Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Exact Macola

By using your own in-house developers, you can swiftly write to the eBridge Cloud. Working with an eBridge team member, we can help advise you on how to get started, offer success tips, and then enroll you in our partnership program to help your customer’s succeed with integration.   


Why Would Developing a Connector From the eBridge Open API Help Grow Your Business?  

Technology companies get these requests a lot, “Does your system integrate with XYZ ERP?” If you’re like most companies, you want to say yes to win the business. If your solution is connected to eBridge, you can win more deals, and increase your deal size with stickier customers.  

Here’s how: Many businesses have already invested heavily in an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics (and they like using it too). When they start looking to buy or use a net new system to help with another function like eCommerce, Shipping, POS, etc, the problem becomes disparate systems. They’ll have to pull reports and look at data across these disparate spots. It’s frustrating keeping data organized and concise in 9 places.   

A lot of businesses are purchasing new software and solutions with data integration in mind. They are trying to connect all of these systems together so they can have an automated way to keep their data synced and correct. This is crucial to deals. Being able to integrate with their systems allows you to differentiate in the market compared to your competitors. Being able to say that your platform connects to the world’s most popular systems is a game changer. This is critical to your prospects. Being able to connect to other systems = more business.   


Any to Any, and Many to Many Connections

The eBridge Cloud integration platform is universal. This means that users can connect any system to any other system, and as many systems as required. We call this “any to any” and “many to many” integration. There are no 1-1 maps that get written and then shelved and never reused. With eBridge, each new connector that gets built opens a gateway for that system’s user base to connect to any one of the other systems we’ve built before.   

The eBridge Cloud integration platform allows for eCommerce, EDI, or CRM platforms to connect to all major ERP and accounting packages. Workflows like order, product and inventory information, customer information, can easily be connected. eBridge also supports shipping solutions like ShipStation. eBridge’s web services architecture supports the integration of multiple eCommerce, EDI, or CRM platforms into a single accounting package.  

Developers Can Build Their Own Connectors Using the eBridge Open API  

In-house developers of large retailers and software companies can enable "any to any" and "many to many" connections through eBridge's universal platform. The web-service based API is fully operational today allowing your tech solution to expand it's total addressable market and acquire logos!    

“Allowing other parties to access and leverage our cloud-based accounting integration API not only enhances the platform for current customers but is also a cost-effective way for developers to grow their markets.” says Colin Brown, President & CEO, eBridge Connections.  

Interested in Writing to Our Open API?   

Let’s chat. Learn more on how to participate in the eBridge Cloud integration platform. By virtue of the guidelines applicable to the program, all developers will be approved as a partner and registered by eBridge so that data services continue to be used appropriately and productively. For a complete documentation of eBridge’s Web Services, please visit the eBridge Development Kit.

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