What its like to be a Canadian on American Thanksgiving

What its like to be a Canadian on American Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 24, 2016Lindsay Hampson The coffee maker is brewing in the office kitchen.  A co-worker is having a coughing fit.  The lights are flickering.  I can actually hear the freezing rain hit my window.  No phone calls.  And, an empty inbox.

American Thanksgiving is an odd-duck-day for Canadians.  Actually, the perfect way to put it is American Thanksgiving is… just… well, it is just Thursday.

While we Canadian eBridgers wait for our friends to finish their turkey, we collectively wrote this blog for your enjoyment.

What its like to be a Canadian on American Thanksgiving

1. Two words: Turkey envy

Yes, you’re right.  Canadians had a thanksgiving back in the summer, or something.  You don’t know exactly when it was, but you remember that they had their out-of-office-auto-replies turned on and it was still 80 degrees outside. 

But Canadians still love turkey.  And gravy.  And cranberry.  And pie.  Canada was built on pie, if you didn’t know. 

We see your Instagram feeds and we can’t help but want to ask grandma for another helping too. 

2. Two more words: Football envy 

Let’s face it.  Americans know how to execute a football game.  Lights.  Cameras.  Parades.  Celebrities.  Marching bands.  American-rules.  Tough play.  Beer. 
And, you have the whole day off to watch about 300 games.  (I did not fact check that number in the slightest, by the way) 
Did you know that Sunday is the Canadian Football League's final game?  At least 7 Canadians will be watching that.  The rest will be watching your Sunday games…

3. We don’t understand why Black Friday has spread to the North....and we don’t care!

As we’ve covered already, American Thanksgiving is just Thursday to us.  Even more shocking is that your Black Friday is just Friday to us. 
However, Canadian retailors are opening their doors at 2:00am and encouraging friendly rioting over exactly 3 $12.00 tablets, 24 $4.00 Marc Jacobs sweaters and a handful of free Trolls.
Please think of us when you get to go back to bed Friday morning after your 2:00am trip to Walmart for that flat screen.  We got up then too, but now we’re at work. 

4. Kidding aside, we are lucky to work with so many amazing American merchants, web agencies, VARs and vendors

Wishing you all the best today!

If you need us, we’ll be making sure your many, many orders on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are flowing fast and without a hitch.

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