How Magento Merchants Are Using ERP Integration To Prep For Holiday Order Overload

How Magento Merchants Are Using ERP Integration To Prep For Holiday Order Overload

Thursday, October 4, 2018Lauren Macdonald It's National Poetry Day! To celebrate, we're sharing how Magento merchants, including our customer Everlast, are using ERP integration to prep for Boxing Day order overload.

Enjoy the poem!

How Magento Merchants Are Using ERP Integration To Prep Holiday For Order Overload
‘Twas the night before Boxing Day and as the world slept,
Thousands of Magento merchants stayed awake and prepped,
Their well-designed stores had been tested with care,
Knowing that web traffic from consumers, soon would be there.
One shop, in particular, knew that orders would come fast…
These were the boxing-world legends, known as Everlast.
They planned and they waited for the orders abound,
So their products could bring joy to the boxers they found.
And there was more than just Magento where their products would show,
These folks offer boxing equipment in-store and on Amazon, also.
A multi-channel selling approach is key to many merchants’ success,
But processing and fulfillment can lead to distress.
Luckily, Everlast could breathe a sigh of relief,
Because ERP integration from eBridge would relieve them of grief.
Their order data would flow from the places they sell,
Back into Dynamics AX with no time to dwell.
Their favourite accountant would no longer want to quit,
Thanks to order automation that would surely be a hit!
Now the team could get back to what mattered the most,
Supplying rock-solid gear that boxers could boast.
Maintaining inventory levels now would be brainless,
And shipping and fulfilment processes would be equally painless.
No more manual data entry that would push them to the brink.
Just data transferred seamlessly, with near-real time sync.
Just like Everlast, you can make data entry simple, too
You’ll have so much free time, you won’t know what to do.
If you’re a Magento merchant with an omni-channel design,
Consider an ERP integration to ensure your data will align.
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