How Canada Post Helps Canadian eCommerce Companies Succeed

How Canada Post Helps Canadian eCommerce Companies Succeed

Thursday, October 18, 2018Lauren Macdonald

If you’re a Canadian looking to start an online store, or you have an established eCommerce operation that you’re looking to elevate to the next level, Canada Post makes it easy to deliver a better shopping experience to your customers.

How Canada Post Can Help Those New To Online Selling

If you’re new to selling online, Canada Post can simplify the process of getting your business up and running by connecting you with one of their many eCommerce partners. When it comes to setting up your online store, defining your shipping strategy, and sending your products to customers, Canada Post can help answer the tough questions you might be facing.

Plus, they have partners like Shopify, PayPal, and eBridge Connections who already know how to integrate Canada Post into their respective solutions to help you succeed.

How Canada Post Can Help The ‘Tried-And-True’ eCommerce Merchants

If you’re looking to enhance your existing eCommerce operations, Canada Post is in a unique position to offer Canadian eCommerce merchants the support needed to run and scale a successful business.

You can talk to a specialist at Canada Post who will help you turn online browsers into buyers, use your inventory more effectively, give your customers a great receiving experience, and build loyalty with them by offering easy returns.

Canada Post knows that your customers are looking for ease, transparency and choice at checkout, and has tools that can help. Here are two quick tips:

  1. Reduce shopper frustration and abandoned shopping carts by displaying shipping rates and delivery dates as customers place items in their cart.

  2. Install AddressComplete into your website or custom app in minutes. Customers will save time and reduce errors at checkout or while filling out forms.

Your mandate to customers is to provide quality products and reliable customer service. Canada Post’s mission to Canadian eCommerce companies is to make shipping easier – to take that problem away.

eCommerce fulfillment made easy, ship faster and keep your customers happy

Take them up on their offer and talk to a Canada Post specialist today.

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