What Kind of eCommerce Merchant Are You?

What Kind of eCommerce Merchant Are You?

Monday, September 26, 2016Lindsay Hampson We’ve worked with plenty of merchants over the years.  Your ideas are innovative.  Your dreams are big.  Your personalities are golden.  We’ve decided to recap a few of our favourite merchant stereotypes.

If you need a 3-minute laugh, its coming right up.  

Warning: We are not sociologists.  Nope, not at all.  

So what kind of eCommerce merchant are you?

1. Organized Ollie:

You’re always ahead of the game. You own a clipboard.  An Organized Ollie knows that preparation is key to a successful business and you take steps early on to ensure your business will flourish. Read: you get your eCommerce store ready to roll before you ever make your first widget.  

Our tips for Organized Ollie:
•    Stay thirsty my friend
•    Trust your gut and pick the eCommerce platform and accounting package that are right for your business
•    Integrate them before you launch your store so that you don’t have to stress about it later!
•    Your orders, invoices, inventory levels, shipping updates, etc., will all be updated automatically so that you don’t have to worry about hiring people to do manual data entry for your company. After all, not everyone is as organized as you, Ollie, and manual data entry could result in costly errors for your business!

2. Just-In-Time Justin:

Just-In-Time Justin gets things done in the knick of time, and your eCommerce business has been no exception. You’ve probably just launched your eCommerce website and are figuring things out as you go. By now maybe you’re realizing that, hey, my customers want shipping numbers the moment they click “order” and the manual data entry on your end is a real pain.

Our tips for Just-In-Time Justin:
•    Your nickname is rock solid – own it
•    Keep focused on the horizon and nurture your big ideas
•    Hire someone to cover the details of your business
•    Instead of waiting until launch, or until busy season hits, find out a way to integrate your store with your accounting package

3. Procrastinator Penny:

Your dog sits at the front door with his leash in his mouth.  Papers cover your desk and you’re always playing catch-up. If this sounds like you, maybe you’ve been in business for a while now and your orders are piling up. You probably feel like you’re never going to get caught up on order entry. Or maybe you feel like you’re up to your eyeballs in invoices. So overwhelming!

Our tips for Procrastinator Penny:
•    It can wait until tomorrow, but….
•    You worry about bad online reviews because customers are waiting for their shipping numbers
•    Save yourself from all the stress! An integration solution can easily clean up the mess that is taking over your life.
•    Get back to focusing on what’s important to you—your awesome business! Save the data entry for the pros.

Justin, Penny, Ollie or whoever you are, if you get 200 online orders per month, it is likely time to think about order automation.  

“That’s a lot of copy and pasting,” said every merchant, ever.

Your customers are happiest when their shipping number hits their inbox right after they click order.  And, that takes more than hiring someone to frantically do data entry. 

Connect your cart to your accounting or ERP package to give your customers fast, accurate:
  • Orders
  • Shipping information
  • Inventory levels 
  • Product information
  • And more

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