eBridge Connections is announcing plans to enter the FinTech space in order to further enrich their iPaaS capabilities, accelerate growth and onboard thousands of new customers

eBridge Connections is a universal integration platform as a service (iPaaS) vendor, that currently specializes in ERP-specific integrations for merchants selling on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce, etc., or in-store using EDI trading partners such as Home Depot, Target, and Walmart. Their platform automates data entry, creating efficiency and eliminating costly data entry errors at a fraction of the cost of hiring a salaried employee to manage data entry.  

With their plans to enter the FinTech market, eBridge Connections will enable more users to take advantage of their robust and reliable integration platform. At present, some leading Fintech products are capable of integrating with ERPs that are in the cloud, but there is currently limited ability for those products to integrate with on-premises ERPs. This is where eBridge Connections plans to partner with Fintech companies in order to automate accounts payable (AP) processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. By doing so, eBridge Connections will sizably increase their addressable market and be better positioned to grow exponentially in the months and years to come.  

“All businesses require an accounts payable process,” says eBridge Connections President and CEO, Colin Brown. “By partnering with Fintech companies, we can help automate these processes and increase efficiency for businesses worldwide that are still utilizing on-premises ERPs.”

This move comes at a time when the iPaaS market is experiencing rapid growth year over year, and will enable eBridge Connections to take advantage of the increasing need for integration by businesses looking to automate processes and operate more efficiently. In its April 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service report, “Gartner estimates that the iPaaS market continued to expand notably during 2017, approaching $1,200 million in revenue and growing approximately 70% in terms of providers’ subscription revenue when compared with 2016.” eBridge Connections is confident that their planned entry into the Fintech space will help them capitalize on this rapid growth by expanding their potential client base to include a sizable domain-specific area of the market.

Gartner recommends “that end users who are not yet piloting iPaaS projects begin to do so.” eBridge Connections looks forward to soon offering businesses the ability to automate their accounts payable (AP) processes by adding Fintech products to their growing list of pre-built connectors. 


Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, 18 April 2018. 

About eBridge Connections

eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. The eBridge universal integration platform supports over 30 ERP and accounting systems including products from Microsoft, Sage, SAP, NetSuite, and Epicor. With connections to the leading eCommerce and CRM applications, plus hundreds of EDI trading partners, eBridge Connections has become the integration platform of choice for businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit