eBridge Connections is proud to announce the first and only universal integrator that empowers growing merchants and entrepreneurs to sell in more places.

eBridge Connections’ universal integrator connects any eCommerce platform, CRM platform and EDI trading partner with a business’ accounting package or ERP.  Over 800 connectors are keenly maintained including, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Epicor, Sage, SAP, QuickBooks, Home Depot, Costco, Target, Walmart, BestBuy, Sears and many more.  Merchants can add or remove connectors as they grow.  

Burlington, ON., November 3, 2016 – eBridge Connections, a smart and friendly provider of integration solutions for the growing business, today proudly announces the first and only integration solution with a universal platform considered to be best-in-class. 

The cloud-based solution connects accounting/ERP packages to eBridge Eportal, where data is universally configured so that it can be translated to any eCommerce platform, CRM application, or electronically transferred to EDI trading partners – and vice-versa.  Order, shipping, inventory and invoice data automatically flows from one system to the other – completely eliminating manual data entry.  Faster order processing.  Happier customers.  

“With our universal integration solution, we have eliminated the need for separate mapping between business systems,” says eBridge Connections President and CEO, Colin Brown. “Instead, we can pull the data from one business system, and connect it with as many other systems as requested by our customer, using carefully coded and pre-established business rules.”

Supporting over 30 accounting and ERP systems, eBridge Connections leverages reusable connectors, data touchpoints and business rules instead of individual maps, allowing for greater efficiency in the implementation and maintenance of their integration solutions. For customers, this leads to a lower total cost of ownership. It also allows customers the freedom to upgrade or change their business systems, thanks to the universality of the integration solution that can easily be adjusted to meet their needs.  Add connectors.  Remove connectors.  eBridge’s universal integrator scales with each client’s demands.

90 second video: The first and only universal integrator is here


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